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Quake Matthews – Hard To Choose [Audio]

Quake Matthews – Hard To Choose [Audio]

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Pat Stay vs Arcane (World Domination 4 Title Match) [Video]

Toronto, ON – It’s here… Pat Stay vs Arcane! It feels like just yesterday when Arcane was showing them how it’s supposed to be done; when he and the man responsible for taking out Canibus (Dizaster) went head to head at Blackout 3 event back in January. The match up was lined with controversy, with continuous talks online surrounding the now infamous ghost writing allegations or the “Bargate Scandal” as some would like to call it.

Fast forward a couple months to King of the Dot’s World Domination 4 event in Toronto where Pat Stay, considered by many to be the most deserving of a title shot, stood face-to-face with the two time champion to battle for King of the Dot supremacy and the famed KOTD chain.

The battle was an intense, nail biting grudge match that could have gone either way. Some would say Arcane’s rounds were enough to win him the chain for a third time, and others would say Pat Stay’s flawlessly executed “joke one minute, rip your head off the next” rounds were enough to steal the win.

But, in the end, it didn’t come down to how loud Pat Stay’s fans were or how many people Arcane was winning over with his onslaught of murderous, guillotine-like-slices to the neck. It came down to the official judging. The judges decided the King of the Dot champion should be… watch the battle below to find out.

Pat Stay vs Arcane (World Domination 4 Title Match) [Video] -

The next battle to drop from World Domination 4 will be Arsonal vs Dizaster on September 16.

Don’t forget to visit the official King of the Dot website,

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Pat Stay vs Arcane (World Domination 4 Title Match) [Video] -

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