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Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

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Charron – BET Cypher Verse 2013 [Video]

Ottawa, ON – I wish I was telling you that you were about to watch Charron’s verse from the 2013 BET Cypher Series. Unfortunately, as previously reported, BET decided not to honour the prize Charron was entitled to for becoming their Freestyle Friday champ. Instead of featuring him in their popular Cypher series, Charron was advised that segments had been scaled down and there was no longer a spot for him in the SEVEN Cyphers being presented tonight, Oct. 15, along with the annual BET Hip Hop Awards.

In response to the snub, the young Ottawa MC has recorded his own video which criticizes BET and takes shots at Kendrick Lamar, Rick Ross, Justin Bieber, Chief Keef, Molly Cyrus and many more. Charron also uses the opportunity to praise three deceased artists he’s been influenced by – ODB, Big L and Big Pun.

HipHopCanada, as well as several other outlets, has reached out to BET but have yet to hear back from the network. Charron has also had no communication with the company since being advised of the formatting change. Even more frustrating is the Cypher format doesn’t appear to be any different than the previous years making the situation all the more insulting.

I have proof that I’ve emailed people I’ve been dealing with,” Charron told HipHopDX yesterday. “I made phone calls. I have records from June and earlier dates. They didn’t respond… They [later] told me they changed the format for this year, but if you look, there’s no format change. It’s the same as every year.

So what’s the real problem? He’s white? His image? He’s not ratchet enough for the BET audience as Charron’s lyrics suggest? BET’s silence in the matter suggests they’re aware that no statement will make this issue go away. Either way, props to Charron for standing up for himself and letting his US counterparts know they’re lucky he was left off the series:

“Beating all Americans, embarrassed that I’m running it / Whether you’re a Democrat or very Republican, I still shut it down like the American Government.” ZING! And that’s just one of a handful of HUGE lines he brings to the table. Check it out!

Interstate Fatz vs Charron

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Charron speaks out after being cut from BET Hip Hop Awards show [News]

Charron speaks out after being cut from BET Hip Hop Awards show [News] -

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  1. Dave

    Charron has been working hard for years now. He convinced BET to let him on the 106 & Park TV show. He paid for his own accommodations & beat 8 consecutive American battle rappers. Little Bow Wow gave him the Championship belt and they assured him he’d be included in this year’s cypher. Now, if the White Entertainment Network snubbed a young, talented black artist who won a contest. There would be racial outrage. At the end of the day don’t forget Obama is half white & half black. If he had a son, he would look like Charron. Also, there is no such thing as the White Entertainment Network, that would be racist, clearly.

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