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Cam Smith – Mad Crack (Prod. RitchCraft) [Video] #SOTD

Cam Smith – Mad Crack (Prod. RitchCraft) [Video] #SOTD

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Five shows in Edmonton you need to see [News]


Edmonton, AB – Edmonton has it good for great rap shows coming through the city. Even now, with the summer behind us and the cold winter about to make its arrival, we’re still getting some good stuff coming at us like it’s nothing. You can’t go to everything with the busy life you’re living. That’s why HipHopCanada‘s Jibril Yassin took the initiative to figure out your upcoming rap show schedule for you.

These are the five shows that you should, and will, be excited about. Only these. No permission to get stoked on anything else. Except for local shows. Support your scene.

Oct. 18: Method Man & Redman at Encore

Edmonton seems to be on the list of cities to hit up if you’re a Wu-Tang Clan member doing the usual rounds of solo tour dates. But how often do you see Method Man and Redman together?

Anyone who saw them rock Edmonton Events Centre back in 2008 will tell you it was a show not to be missed and nothing will be different about this outing. Get your tickets here.

BreakOut West Festival comes to Calgary [News] -HipHopCanada

BreakOut West Festival comes to Calgary [News] -HipHopCanada

Nov. 22: Waka Flocka Flame (Worlds of Imagination) at the Edmonton EXPO Centre

While this show isn’t the most prime example of a hip-hop show, you’d still be a fool to miss out on the goodness that is Waka Flocka Flame just because you didn’t want to breathe in the same air as a raver. The game’s changing. This won’t be the first time you’ll have to consider a decision like this.

Just remember to look into your heart-of-hearts and ask yourself how important Flockaveli is to you. Then make the right decision. For your sake, I hope it involves going to the EXPO Centre. Trap unites all. Get your tickets here.

BreakOut West Festival comes to Calgary [News] -HipHopCanada

Nov. 26: Shad at The Starlite Room

If you didn’t see him opening for Macklemore, shame on you. If you didn’t catch him at Kaleido Fest in September, shame on you, twice. Fortunately, Shad seems to like the city. For the last couple of years, he’s been turning head-after-head with every album and judging from his new single “Stylin” (featuring Saukrates), he’s only getting better.

If you need any more reason, go check out that “Bound 2″ freestyle he did a while back. Quality control is hard with a guy like Shad because quite frankly, it’s all good and his live show will be no exception. Get your tickets here.

BreakOut West Festival comes to Calgary [News] -HipHopCanada

Dec. 1: Drake at Rexall Place with Future & Miguel

Would You Like A Tour? Of course, Drake. How’d you know that was what I’ve always wanted to hear from you? We’ve been waiting months for this one. It’s no help that Nothing was the Same is a fantastic album carrying in the Drake tradition of far too many R&B slow jams to get you feeling emotional, and those one (or two) bangers you won’t forget.

I’ll be going to this and knowing me, I’ll probably be swept up in the arena rap vibes, screaming, “No new friends! No new friends” at everybody in earshot before the concert is up. And of course, can anybody say no to Future and Miguel? Get your tickets here.

BreakOut West Festival comes to Calgary [News] -HipHopCanada

Dec. 28: 2 Chainz (Kocheda 2013) at the Edmonton EXPO Centre

You know there’s a song on B.O.A.T.S. II in which 2 Chainz shouts-out both his watch and his stove, right? Yet this, in the context of everything 2Chainz has done, actually sounds pretty awesome.

The man knows how to throw a party and even in the dead of winter, he’ll bring the heat. Get your tickets here.

BreakOut West Festival comes to Calgary [News] -HipHopCanada

Written by Jibril Yassin for HipHopCanada

Twitter: @therealredman | @methodman | @WakaFlockaBSM | @Drake | @MiguelUnlimited | @1future | @shadkmusic | @2Chainz

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