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2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

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Toronto’s Tomorrow: Welcome to RawLuck [Article]

Toronto, ON – Peace to Gavin Sheppard (from The Remix Project) and every single creative mind, body and soul that contributed vision and wisdom to the Rawluck Project. I have been to countless concerts, art galleries, exhibitions, cookouts, and just general gatherings of humanity. More than almost anyone can imagine. RawLuck was special.

It was so special that the legacy of the entire project will last far beyond the typical internet sensation of some creative projects that come and go faster than anyone cares to delete their invitation to it.

But this one? Like nothing else that has ever happened. Learn why if you don’t already. Dun know.

For the eternal record: Toronto is one of the greatest cities on the planet, if not the very best, all things considered. But with that blessing, comes a curse, word to Rawluck. Check this and see if you can compare it to anything else you have ever experienced in Toronto edutainment:

The Venue: Clay & Paper Theatre Factory, 35 Strachan Avenue., Toronto
(Just south of King St. West – where Strachan and Liberty St. meet)
Time: 7-11pm

A multi-media series, Welcome to RawLuck breaks mediums and rules as it explores a dystopian Toronto circa 2022. Releasing 4 episodes on Tuesday, September 10th, 2013 – the series picks up again with a new episode the 15th of every month beginning October 15th. Celebrating through an immersive environment, our event will feature an installation of each of the initial 4 episodes as well as invite you to our world to get a feel for the overall tone and vibe of things.

Featuring a cast of Toronto talent, Welcome to Rawluck is an entertaining new series talking real shit in a narrative fashion. The goal is to entertain. Past that, it is to inspire conversation around a host of issues facing communities around the world as urbanization continues at a rampant rate…

Welcome to the struggle. Let’s build.

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Toronto's Tomorrow: Welcome to RawLuck [Article] -

First, to enter, you were required to RSVP submit a headshot, for intriguing reasons unknown.
Promptly, a confirmation of your invitation was sent, and the mystery got richer.
Then: showtime.

Almost hidden underneath the highway south of King, on Strachan, and blanketed by a greyish overcast sky, the process of finding the entrance to the art gallery was a touch disorienting, which actually only enhanced the totally-new experience the Welcome to Rawluck event was manifesting for me. After checking into the front desk and showing the proper I.D., I was given my “TORONTO CITY CORE: RESIDENT CARD,” crisply laminated with my headshot on it, and some basic vital statistics. A very nice touch. Without the Resident Card, entry was denied. A very good structure was created and it helped implement the futuristic semi-oppressive state that the RawLuck Project was envisioning Toronto becoming.

Well done.

Around the corner, it became humane. Big Norm was in the back, cooking up all kind of delicious tings, and alcohol was available. A few benches and seats in the open parking lot allowed healthy food and drinks to be enjoyed in a nice atmosphere, while island music was playing softly.

Toronto's Tomorrow: Welcome to RawLuck [Article] -

Lots of amazing Toronto spirits were in effect: Jody and Ivan from Universal, DJ Agile, Tai B., Vic of Scattered Children, Charles Officer, Super Dave Guenette, Elle Alconcel and many more came through, the tiny falling raindrops not being able to keep a full house attending the very special event occurring on this cool autumn evening.

Once you walked inside, it was a bit like stepping into another world, from both the past and the future. I can’t fully articulate the exact experience of . It was an ambitious new idea on so many simultaneous levels. Spread around the cavernous room inside the warehouse-like space, there were pictures, portraits, art installations, sketches, displays, paintings, video reels on loop with soothing music playing, a chess table, books, messages to readers, specialized lighting, and… a profoundly intelligent projection of where the city of Toronto is headed as a society and as a collective, if we don’t use our creative powers wisely. There were multiple points of foresight where the Rawluck collective described future calamity, insanity and survivalist fantasy, foreseeing the next few decades of life in Toronto if we keep treating our resources (human and earthly) as we do today. I got an anachronistic time warping sensation from the entire exhibit as I perused the psychic proclamations of a city gone south.

Toronto's Tomorrow: Welcome to RawLuck [Article] -

As the first of four unique artistic installments, I was extremely impressed by the breadth and depth of vision and honorable intention behind the entire Welcome to RawLuck concept.

Toronto needs more of this. We all do. Because this is what we are speaking about when we say “art imitates life… that imitates art.” Welcome to Rawluck has predicted the future of Toronto if we don’t fight the powers that are hellbent on controlling our freedom… word to Fresco P.

One love to RawLuck.

Written by Addi Stewart (@mindbendermind) for HipHopCanada

Check out the first 4 episodes of Welcome to RawLuck here

Twitter: @gavatista

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