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Dope Piece releases two-part video for “Come Up” & “Catchin’

Dope Piece releases two-part video for “Come Up” & “Catchin’

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Marco Polo – PA2: The Director’s Cut [Review]

Toronto, ON – After the 2007 release of Toronto born producer Marco Polo’s debut album Port Authority, he captured the attention of the North American hip-hop scene. Six years have passed, and Marco Polo has continued producing quality material in that time frame. However, with his newest LP entitled PA2: The Director’s Cut, Marco Polo did more than just produce quality material – he produced an astonishing album.

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Marco Polo - PA2: The Director's Cut [Review] -

Throughout the entire 19-song LP, Marco Polo delivers greatness. The main difference that makes this album so great is Marco Polo’s progression as a producer. When comparing this album to his previous works, it is evident that Marco Polo is becoming more polished. Each and every beat gives the listener a different feel, showing the true diversity Marco Polo has a producer.

Along with his progression as a producer, Marco Polo also achieved something that many artists lack in their music – flow from start to finish. Between the masterful beats and help from the great features throughout the album, Marco Polo was not only able to make his songs flow individually, but he was also able to allow the album to flow from start to finish.

Marco Polo - PA2: The Director's Cut [Review] -

The one track that stood out the most was “Savages,” the second song on the album featuring Slaine, Celph Titled and the legendary Ill Bill. With this song, Marco Polo produced perhaps his filthiest beat of the album. Each rapper flows well to the beat, and it is so clean from the beginning of the song until the end.

The outro to “Savages” is fantastic, allowing a nice transition into the next track on the album, “Earings Off,” featuring Rah Digga. Producing for the previously mentioned Slaine, Celph Ttitled, Ill Bill and Rah Digga, that alone is very impressive. However, when you add the likes of Organized Konfusion, Inspectah Deck, Talib Kweli and DJ Premier (just to name a few) to the list of features on this album, one can start to see that Marco Polo has passed the “foot in the door stage,” as he is well on his way to becoming one of the best producers Canada has ever, well, produced.  

Buy a copy of PA2: The Director’s Cut today on iTunes here. You will not be disappointed – you have my word on that.  

Review written by Nick Raponi for HipHopCanada

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