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Mike Boyd – Bush League [Video]

Mike Boyd – Bush League [Video]

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Saidah Baba Talibah – High (Guzo Lou & Junia-T Remix) [Audio]

Toronto, ON – Earlier this year, Toronto’s own Saidah Baba Talibah wowed audiences with her single entitled “High”. In the music industry, over time one usually receives more and more exposure and after a few months of this song being on the web, it was not just noticed, it was brilliantly remixed.

Two rising artists from Toronto, Guzo Lou and Junia-T took on the challenge of creating a remix for Talibah’s hit. While most remixes are not as well received as the original track, Guzo Lou and Junia-T were able to break that stereotype and create a song that is just as good as the original. Listen to the track below and check out more about the song after the jump.


Saidah Baba Talibah - High (Guzo Lou & Junia-T Remix) [Audio] -

Right off the bat, the initial beat in the remix allows the listener to become attached to the song. While the intro in Talibah’s version has a soft piano sound, Guzo Lou and Junia-T took a different route, adding an upbeat sound, giving the song a new, sexy flavour.

After changing the overall sound and flavour of a song, the listener’s mood changes when listening to it. In Talibah’s version, the song gives off a feeling of desire, much like you are following her in her journey for something or someone. This is a much different feel than Guzo Lou and Junia-T’s remix gives off, as after listening to their version the listener feels both excited and ambitious. In Talibah’s version, the listener feels desire; in Guzo Lou and Junia-T’s, the listener feels the ambition to achieve what they desire.

Guzo Lou and Junia-T deserve to be applauded, as it is not easy to take an already great track and make it their own work of art. Watch out for these two artists, as they both have the potential for stardom.


Written by Nick Raponi for HipHopCanada

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