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Halifax’s Cuv deep-sixes ‘pretty boy,’ releases Hypocrite mixtape

Halifax’s Cuv deep-sixes ‘pretty boy,’ releases Hypocrite mixtape

The mechanics of Deltron [Interview]

Vancouver, BC – 13 years after the release of Deltron 3030’s combination of Del The Funky Homosapien‘s futuristic storytelling, Dan The Automator’s on point production and Kid Koala’s signature scratching style, the posse is back with Deltron Event 2.

The dudes made waves in Vancouver in support of their latest album with a show that was executed like a mini movie for the ears.  Epically orchestrated by the Automator himself and laced with fierce scratching from proud Canadian Kid Koala, the trio was joined by a small band, upping the ante of the whole performance. Del was laid-back in his presence and flow, dropping cuts from Event 2 sandwiched in between 3030 tracks and a little Gorillaz fav “Clint Eastwood” to close off the evening.

Before jumping on stage (and taking the time to switch the trucks and wheels onto a new, gifted skate deck) the mellow Del The Funky Homosapien made some time to kick it with our West Coast team. Check out some words we had with Del below as well as a photo gallery of the night’s performance shot by Jamie Sands.

Deltron 3030 live in Vancouver

I like Dan and I like Koala, I like them as people. I like working with them and I like being around them so I guess that’s where the chemistry comes in.

HipHopCanada: Thanks for hangin’ with us. How do you like Vancouver?

Del: It’s cool. I like it. It’s raining but I was still skating anyway.

HipHopCanada: It’s been 13 years since Deltron 3030 was released what would you say to the fans that haven’t picked up a copy yet?

Del: Pick it up. It’s a great album you need to have it I think. Go get it. Listen to it however you want, stream it or whatever but I think you should buy it. Definitely if you like the first album, it’s for you. We put in a lot of work, a lot of effort to make it something I know you will enjoy especially if you was fans of the first album.

HipHopCanada: Is it a difficult process reverting back and forth between everyday Del and character Deltron Zero.

Del: Nah, not really ‘cause I don’t ever really change my personality. I guess writing the album took a lot of effort. I had to study how to write science fiction. I wanted it to be authentic. I wanted to know what was tasteful as far as science fiction and what was played out so I had to study. But writing the album took a lot of time and a lot of work, yeah. More than the average album would take, definitely.

Deltron 3030 live in Vancouver

 HipHopCanada: You have some really interesting features on this album from the obvious choices like Mike Patton, Daman Albarn and Casual to Zach De La Rocha, The Lonely Island, and David Cross. What was the process in choosing these features? Was it strategic to fit the story?

Del: That was Dan. He produced the album and he just happened to know these people. Some of them were already fans of Del and fans of Deltron. The Lonely Island, they was already fans ‘cause they from The Bay area as well. That was easy but others, you know, they was there already or they vocals was there already and we put it together. A lot of times he’d have, like, a dinner with somebody or something and just ask them and they’d be like “yeah”. Go into the studio and record it – pretty much that easy. I like when he’s just doing what he needs to do; I trust his judgment. I think he did a great job.

HipHopCanada: Did you feel like the same chemistry was there between the three of you on Event 2?

Del: I like Dan and I like Koala, I like them as people. I like working with them and I like being around them so I guess that’s where the chemistry comes in. When you get along with somebody, they say you got chemistry. A lot of the times we in the studio, talking about music or whatever and they both opinionated on a lot of things so a lot of times I just stick to myself.

Deltron 3030 live in Vancouver

HipHopCanada: The game is a lot different know from when you first started your career. New artists have every bit of technology to help push their music further. How do you feel about the new school music hustle? Do you think they have it way easier?

Del: It’s a different era but its pretty much the same thing.  Back then we was doing whatever we had to do. Now a days they have more technology and stuff to be able to get your stuff out there but there’s also way more competition out there. Their music can get more played out. So like, even though you got the technology to help you it’s like, you need it. Be grateful that you have that technology because you probably wouldn’t be able to do it without. It’s not that different. It’s just a different era and you’ve got different types of tools but it’s pretty much the same hustle as far as I’m concerned.

HipHopCanada: Are you a fan of any of the newer artists coming out now?

Del: Earl Sweatshirt I dig a lot. Listen to his album quite a bit. Pro Era, them kids up in New York – Capital Steez, Joey Bada$$, I like them a lot. I like Schoolboy Q; there are people out there I like a lot. Domo Genesis, I like him a lot too.  He’s dope, him and Earl. The Internet too. Syd Tha Kyd, Odd Future.

HipHopCanada: If you could make one change to the world as we know it, what would that be?

Del: Police. I’d make them treat everybody the same way. If I’m in a certain neighborhood they should come as quick as they come in the rich neighborhoods. That’s something I’d change. The priorities are just mixed up and it’s just not as big a priority to them. Maybe cause certain neighborhoods don’t have much money, I’m not gonna say its cause we’re black but it could be.

HipHopCanada: What’s coming up next for you?

Del: Me and Ladybug Mecca from Digable Planets got a project together; so that’s the main thing we working on. That’s a rhythm-based project. That’s the new biggest thing I’m working on.

HipHopCanada: Thanks so much Del!

Interview conducted by KassKills for HipHopCanada

Photography by Jamie Sands for HipHopCanada


Deltron 3030 live in Vancouver

Deltron 3030 live in Vancouver

Deltron 3030 live in Vancouver

Deltron 3030 live in Vancouver

Deltron 3030 live in Vancouver

Deltron 3030 live in Vancouver

Deltron 3030 live in Vancouver

Deltron 3030 live in Vancouver

Deltron 3030 live in Vancouver


Twitter: @OfficialDeltron

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