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IV League Studios Booth Sessions Episode 2 ft. Rude Dowg, Baseline & J-Bru [Video]

IV League Studios Booth Sessions Episode 2 ft. Rude Dowg, Baseline & J-Bru [Video]

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HeatWave – 30 Days In Africa: Episode 1- Family Affairs [Video]


Uganda, AFR – Although HeatWave has been making major moves in his home city of Vancouver, the boy has recently decided to take it back to his roots. Traveling through Africa for a whole month, Heat has been documenting his experience with family, food and of course music in a series called 30 Days In Africa.

Episode 1 is titled “Family Affairs” and has HeatWave experiencing Uganda while kicking it with family, taking in the culture and promoting his up-coming release Hi Heat (which he has released early in Africa although the Canadian release is to be determined.) Check out his video below along with some of his own words and photographs on what he’s experienced so far. Be on the lookout as we follow HeatWave on his 30 Days In Africa journey with more videos and photos to come. #30DaysInAfrica

Heatwave - 30 days in africa - family affairs

“My Journey to Africa has been very life changing for me. I’ve learned a lot about the women and men in my family bloodline that came before me and that have made huge history in my family. My mother’s bloodline is connected to Bugandan Royal family so we have deep roots that go back about 750 years in Africa.

Heatwave - 30 days in africa - family affairs

Uganda is not attached to the slave trade and our history has not been erased or tampered with so people can tell what tribe I belong to by my last name and by looking at me. I have gotten the opportunity to meet and make friends with a lot of locals and I also got a chance to hear people’s struggles and the walk of life they have experienced. In Uganda it’s normal for someone to live on two dollars a day and I have see just how they do it. Most people farm and plant and harvest their food and go fishing and do things like that just to survive day to day. There’s not much of a middle class out here it’s either you’re doing great or you’re struggling.

HeatWave - 30 days in africa - family affairs

There’s also about 50 million people in this small country so traffic is crazy and everybody is hustling and selling you anything in the streets just to make it day to day. Police carry rifles and semi-automatics and they also medal detect you everywhere you go. If you want to go to the mall they medal detect everybody; if you want to go grocery shopping they medal detect you. That was really uncomfortable for me, ’cause you know i stay strapped…just joking. Other than that the land is beautiful, they have palm trees everywhere, huge nice hills with beautiful scenery, lakes and beautiful homes. The food is good too; the fish is great and the chicken is natural so no KFC bullshit going on over here. I got to see where my dad and my mom grew up and where they partied and I got to meet lots of their old friends that they grew up with. With all that said, the positive energy that I have received from family gave me more strength to be great and to continue my family legacy and make history and pass on that energy to next ones to come up in my family.”

Heatwave - 30 days in africa - family affairs

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