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Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

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Immaculate and Memo – Fated Halos [Review]

Vernon, BC – Vancouver Island Music Award winner and BCIMA nominee Immaculate has established a reputation as a strong live performer on multiple tours across Canada, including a recent 15 show Canada-wide run with the Demigodz as well as rocking festivals like Center of Gravity, Hidden Music Festival and the Groove Festival.

Since pursuing music in 2009 Memo has been a part of three major collaborative projects as well as a solo effort. Across B.C. Memo has preformed countless shows and worked with some of B.C.’s best up and coming artists to perfect his sound and all around presence as an emcee.

Immaculate and Memo - Fated Halos

Immaculate and Memo have traveled from the farthest reaches of the Galaxy to bring us their gift of music. Fated Halos is a concept album exclusively produced by Life and Death Productions from Finland. This project features 11 songs with narration – reminiscent of playing Soulcalibur at the arcade- woven throughout to help tell the story and tie the songs together.

As the story goes, the two crafters (emcees) have been chosen from opposite ends of the planet Hades to part on their quest to reach the Sun. Along the way the must challenge one another to solidify their power and dominance in the pursuit of fated halos. The narration was a really great idea and works well however neither Immaculate nor Memo deliver anything special on the album and come far from being impressive.

Stale punchlines and similes are scattered throughout and leave us begging for something fresh and original. Lines like “Get yourself a membership/ the lime light I’m stealing it/ take your weak style and beat it ‘till I’m killin’ it” from “The Right Hand” inflate themselves only to be popped like giant ego balloons. Fated Halos is nothing that the average hip-hop fan hasn’t heard 100 times at any given KOTD battle or parking lot freestyle. It’s a shame though because the beats are so bloody good. The triplet kick drum patterns, heavy bass lines, pianos and strings instantly transport the listener to the Brooklyn bridge on a rainy day and could have been so much more having been paired with more skilled and progressive emcees.

Immaculate and Memo tried to paint 11 paintings using only three colours. Fated Halos is generic and lacks depth and dynamics. “Give me that, pass the mic and I’ll be ready/ hard and deadly when I’m spraying hit you like confetti” is another example of some un-inventive lyricism plaguing the album. In the end neither the emcees nor the fans emerges victorious and Fated Halos ends up being the black Dwarf that could have gone Supernova.

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Written by Max Dishaw for HipHopCanada

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