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Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

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It Takes Two: Evil Ebenezer and Factor [Article]

Vancouver, BC – A cold December evening in Vancouver had Evil Ebenezer back in his home city on the final days before his Howl Canadian Tour came to a close. Hours before bringing the show to Vancity’s Biltmore Cabaret for a crowd of his tight friends and fans, we found cover at an Eastvan pub with his tour partner-in-crime Factor. We got to chopping it up about the tour so far over a pitcher and the sporadic cheers of football fans crowded by the bar’s several televisions. The month-long Howl Tour was done a little differently than both guys have done tours in the past. No giant tour buses, no posse of rowdy goons; just Ebenezer, Factor and the snowy open roads of the Great White North.

It Takes Two: Evil Ebenezer and Factor [Article] -

These two officially came together back in 2011 on the 5 track EP Widow’s Creek and although Evil credits most of his production and videography to long time friend Stuey Kubrick, the blooming musical connection between Evil and Factor quickly become a force to be reckoned with. Separately, they both carry their own weight without problem – they’ve each been grinding in the scene for close to a decade – but together their chemistry is a combination of what’s right in the underbelly of Canadian hip-hop. There is a powerful dynamic between this duo, and their live set is the proof – Factor’s versatile beats and live dropouts are accompanied by Evil’s gritty, lyrical storytelling from a montage of cataloged classics. “Our set has a classic MC-DJ vibe,” says Factor.

It Takes Two: Evil Ebenezer and Factor [Article] -

“This is my best set so far, my best tour. It’s kind of coming to the point where everything is just better” says Evil. “I used to tour with some no name DJ behind me or just my laptop, so this is really different,” he says about touring with Factor, who has been considered a super-producer but credits his super-powers to a strong work ethic and his ability to put out records of quality and quantity. Evil credits it to how they can drink; “is there a super hero who just likes to make beats and drink?” He responds when asked what his and Factor’s comic book heroes would be. The pair suggests that perhaps one day we’ll catch their life stories in comic form – The Penguin and DJ Drinko in The Tale of Heartbreak. In all seriousness though, they do mention that they are stepping foot into the film scene: “Me and Graham just got a song on a movie – Wolf Cop,” Evil explains. “It’s an independent movie that just finished wrapping in Moose Jaw. Graham knows the producer Hugh and he actually won a competition through Cineplex where they got a million dollars; it’s going to premiere in Cineplex all across Canada. Our song is the title track. It’s crazy”

By the second pitcher these two are already finishing each others’ sentences and it’s become apparent that not only is their musical connection strong but their bond is solid too. “You learn a lot about a person when you tour with them for a month. And it’s just us” Evil says. At this point we’ve asked if they could recite each other’s breakfast order in exact detail (they can) and are on to asking about each others’ guilty pleasures. These two are clearly pretty close and it’s obvious they won’t be divulging one others’ dark secrets so we ask about their vices. We know they both love to drink and are also informed that they both quit their herbal habits before tour began. So we let them ponder which guilty pleasures they would reveal of each others’ over a shot of tequila. Factor lets it slip that Evil is a repeat offender of the before-bedtime cheese pizza and even confesses his own: “lately it’s Jameson. Drinking a beer in the afternoon is good. I like vodka, sodas too.” Evil pipes in, “Me too. We like the same things. I’ve never had a friend like this. I mean, Stuey’s been my best friend forever but we don’t like the same things. Me and Graham like the same things.”

It Takes Two: Evil Ebenezer and Factor [Article] -

The bromance is real. These two are like the would-be product of a rap/buddy E-Harmony pairing.”We’re splitting everything right down the middle too, “says Evil. “Even the driving. It’s the best tour we’ve done and we’ve even made the most paper on this tour”. The boys are currently four songs deep on their upcoming project together and their plan is to chill for a bit, work on some new material for their collab album and head back out on tour in the spring. They’ve grown fond of the two-man crew during their time together and based on the bromance that’s established over 13 cities, we’re excited to see what Evil Ebenezer and Factor can come up with on a full-length album. Stay tuned.

It Takes Two: Evil Ebenezer and Factor [Article] -

It Takes Two: Evil Ebenezer and Factor [Article] -

Written by KassKills for HipHopCanada

Interview conducted by KassKills and Amalia Jude for HipHopCanada

Photography by Amalia Jude for HipHopCanada

Live performance shot provided by HipHopVancouver

Twitter: @EvilEbenezer | @FactorMusic

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