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Quake Matthews – Hard To Choose [Audio]

Quake Matthews – Hard To Choose [Audio]

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Kardinal Offishall takes on new role at Universal Music Canada [News]

Toronto, ON – “Rapper turned singer” is something you hear all of the time, but as of this week, we’re introduced to “Toronto hip-hop royalty turned A&R.” Highly respected artist and producer, Kardinal Offishall will be able to add Executive Creative Director to his already lengthy resume. Find out more after the jump.

Kardinal Offishall takes on new role at Universal Music Canada [News] -

It was announced early this week that the award winning rapper will join forces with Universal Music Canada and contribute to UMC’s A&R team.

“I’ve been an artist with the Universal Music Group for many, many moons and it’s just something that happened, you know, happened naturally.” – Kardinal Offishall (on Global News).

He also stated that he wants to find the next superstar and make Canada the new ‘hub’ for everything around the world by fostering not only Canadian, but international artists.

So the question comes – what will this mean for Canadian music, more specifically, hip-hop? Here’s to hoping that Canadian hip-hop can advance and prosper further than 10 provinces and 3 territories!

HipHopCanada would like to extend our congratulations to Kardinal Offishall in his new ventures. Wishing him the best of luck, we know Kardi is going to put on for Canada like no other.

Twitter: @KardinalO | @universalmusicC

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