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We caught up with DopePiece to talk about his “DIRTYDOPE” single

We caught up with DopePiece to talk about his “DIRTYDOPE” single

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Xolisa – A Beautiful Mind [EP]

Toronto, ON – If you’ve never seen or heard a performer that literally filled a room with light and moved you with their tranquil energy, then you might want to take time out of your day to listen to this project. Last week, Xolisa released her debut EP called A Beautiful Mind. The EP features 5 tracks, all produced by Xolisa herself. I’ve seen this talented young woman perform at R.I.S.E Poetry and get chills every time. If the EP title isn’t enough of an indication for you, Xolisa, most definitely, has a beautiful mind and I’m glad that she was kind enough to share what goes on inside of it, with all of us. You can stream the EP below and download it after the jump. 


Xolisa - A Beautiful Mind [EP] -

Twitter: @MusicXolisa


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