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Classified’s 2013 self-titled album is now certified Platinum in Canada

Classified’s 2013 self-titled album is now certified Platinum in Canada

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Cannonhead firing on all cylinders: Spin & Freddie 5ive [Interview]

Montreal, QC – After releasing a handful of new videos and songs over the last year, Spin and Freddie 5ive of Cannonhead, a group that blends hip-hop, trippy rock with a dash of R&B, are ready to take the next step forward in their careers when they drop their new project this Spring. We got the opportunity to speak with them about the upcoming album, amongst other things including their unique sound, live shows, their music inspirations and more. Get to know the two emcees and read our full interview with the group after the jump!

Cannonhead firing on all cylinders: Spin & Freddie 5ive [Interview] -

Cannonhead: Q&A

HipHopCanada: Cannonhead is an interesting choice for a group name, can you explain why you chose that name?

Freddie 5ive: Not really. One of us said it a long time ago,I don’t remember why. I guess it kind of stuck cause I mean, who cares really. It sounds like a metal band or some shit. I hate metal though, so personally it’s pretty confusing. Which is dope.   

Spin: I think it sounds more steam-punk. I remember someone coming up with it after we took some artsy pictures of a friend of ours. That’s usually how shit goes down in Montreal.  

HipHopCanada: Your music fuses different kind of genres from rap to rock, what inspires your unique sound?

Spin: We always knew the shit we were making didn’t sound like anything we’ve ever heard. I think it’s just what happens when you are able to own up to all the bullshit that comes with having your own perspective. The power of knowing that you’re able to access that to create something beautiful is more inspiring than anything. 

Freddie 5ive: I think the biggest thing for me is that I always want to make something that wasn’t here before. Considering how many motherfuckers are making rap music it’s crazy how small the range of different shit is. Nobody is concerned with doing their own shit. Not just rap music I guess, the world doesn’t really reward originality. Except when it does, then you get all the rubles. If you get real deep into it, I feel our sound is mostly inspired by rubles.

[Editor’s Note: The ruble is a unit of currency of various Eastern European countries including Russia and Belarus.]

HipHopCanada: As far as other emcees, who can you say you look up to or draw inspiration from?

Freddie 5ive: I don’t know how many rappers I can say I’ve ever looked up to. When I was 12 and Reasonable Doubt dropped Jay Z was God to me though. He’s still easily the best that’s ever done it to me. Some rappers have had moments where they contested that shit but never quite enough. I honestly can’t talk to a rapper that doesn’t agree with that. Other than Hov I’d say my personal favorites are AK-47 from Do or Die, Peedi Crakk, Redman from 96-2001, Andre 3000, Petey Pablo when he’s doing his sad shit… Saukrates, who in my non-humble opinion was the only respectable Canadian rapper until Drake. Shit he’s probably the only respectable Canadian rapper post Drake too.

Spin: Peedi Crakk is triple platinum by now at our studio. I like what Action Bronson is doing, for the most time I’m inspired by shit that doesn’t have anything to do with rap. I saw an interview last night with the The Pack AD from Vancouver. That was inspiring, just cause they were so fucking cool. I’m going to see if the singer will let me crash on her couch when we’re on tour. 

HipHopCanada: For the person reading this who has never heard your music, which song would you want them to hear first and why?

Freddie 5ive: That’s hard. We do a lot of different kind of stuff. Plus I’m also one of those dudes that always thinks the just-finished-shit is the best.  If I had to choose, I’d say either “You Don’t Like It But You Are” or “1997” from our last album,

Spin: A song on our new record called, “If I Had My Way.” It feels like how I live. 

HipHopCanada: Now for folks who wanna check out a live performance, do you have any shows or tours coming up?

Freddie 5ive: Yeah, we’re aiming for a Canada-wide Spring tour. Except, if I have my way, Thunder Bay. No offence, but Thunder Bay is fucking lame. 

Spin: I think everyone should pronounce Thunder Bay with a Jamaican accent. 

HipHopCanada: And we heard a new album is dropping next Spring. Anything more you can tell us about the upcoming project?

Freddie 5ive: It’s probably the best shit we’ve done so far in our lives. Like everything else, it’s all self-produced. We sample Super Cat on it, representing for all the racially ambiguous. On one song we sampled the preacher hootin’ and hollerin’ from that Craig Mack video. The rapping is better than everything. Your moms will hate it. Unless she’s divorced.

Spin: I think we put a lot of ourselves into these songs. For a long time, I would be going to the studio for 8 hour sessions a couple of times a week.A lot of partying, late night sessions. Most of my shit was recorded in what any rational person would describe as complete chaos.

HipHopCanada: Now to close things off, is there anything else that we should be on the lookout for?

Freddie 5ive: We have a mixtape coming out sometime in December or some shit. For whatever reason we decided to make it all R&B remixes. Jon B, TLC, Teedra Moses… that kind of thing. We’re working on some stuff with Gone Deville for all the tracksuit rocking Europeans. If we’re lucky maybe we’ll get locked up in Russia.

Spin: Добрый вечер.

Cannonhead firing on all cylinders: Spin & Freddie 5ive [Interview] -

Cannonhead firing on all cylinders: Spin & Freddie 5ive [Interview] -

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