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Jam Master Jay receives tribute turntable routine from son TJ Mizell & Skratch Bastid

Jam Master Jay receives tribute turntable routine from son TJ Mizell & Skratch Bastid

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Covert Props – Movin’ On [Review]

Victoria, BC – After being separated geographically for over two years, TikTok and WittyWord of Covert Props rejoined forces to complete their second album Movin’ On – a follow up to 2009’s Movin’ In. Recording and production of the album came down to the wire and the pair could be found writing the last punch lines of verses on the metro on the way to the final studio sessions. Movin’ On was completed on schedule before the two would part ways again.

Covert Props - Movin' On [Review] -

As was the case with their previous effort, Movin’ In, 2014’s Movin’ On is all substance, no filler. These are two emcees who stray from overused hip-hop slang and phrases and speak with their own language to tell honest and vivid stories. Their style is pure wit and intelligence overflowing with multi-syllabic rhymes. “A mind is too pollutable/ I find divine in musical/ fuck 9-5 in cubicles/ Im’ tryna’ find the beautiful” by TikTok from “Intelligent Men” is just a small part of an immense quantity found throughout Movin’ On.

Production on the album is outstanding and the beats literally beg you to nod your head to them. Vancouver Island wizards like Nostic and Josef Blo (to name a few) really dug deep into their catalogue to give us some utter gems. DJ Aarsen ILL provides some stellar scratching on a few tracks as well that really scream “HIP-HOP!” and only add to the already superb sonic quality of this album.

Movin’ On is supremely lyric but not without it’s speed bumps. There are definitely moments  here and there that aren’t quite on par with of the rest of the album and are a bit of a drag, but only because the bar is set so high. The guest features are strong in their own right but never really live up to lines like “I write for skateboarders and my dorky supporters/ bump this in your Taurus’, Honda Accords and Explorers/ It’ll hit your sound system with the force of a mortar/ You’ll never find a more abnormal performer north of the border” by WittyWord from “What’s The Verdict”.

Movin’ On will make you laugh from it’s witty humour. It will leave your brain spinning and force you to rewind to catch all the words in the astonishing rhyme schemes. But most of all it will motivate and inspire you because it’s such a breath of fresh air in a time full of so much unoriginal, cookie-cutter rap music. It’s just a shame these two don’t live in the same city permanently so the fans could get one of these each year.

Written by Max Dishaw for HipHopCanada

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