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Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

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Finalie – Kinfolk ft. Young Kidd [Video]

Winnipeg, MB – Winnipeg’s own Finalie recently released his latest visuals for the track “Kinfolk” (featuring Young Kidd) off his Keep The Change mixtape. This video is guaranteed for perfection as Swag Gang and CTL come together for a serious collaboration. Hot damn. It’s definitely “family over everything.”

First of all, you got LJ (from CTL) preheating the beat at 300 degrees. At that temperature you know the production is hot. Next, Young Kidd adds a dash of charisma to fortify the flavour on the track. And finally (no pun intended), Finalie seasons up the grind with versatility on the hook and unique word play on the 16. What you get is a fulfilling recipe sure to be fresh, no matter how you make it. “Kinfolk” depicts the ride for my family lifestyle, and emphasizes living life to the fullest –a philosophy that Finalie stays true to: “Let the smoke out the window/Getting money with my kinfolk/Don’t care what no one say.” Check it out below.

Finalie – Kinfolk ft. Young Kidd [Video] -

“The first time I heard the beat I couldn’t stop playing it,” said Finalie. “LJ and YK (Young Kidd) came through with a folder of beats. I felt like I was at a candy store.”

Soon afterwards, the hook on the track was dropped. “My n*gga Dust had this melody in his head and started putting words together. Then – bam – hook done,” said Finalie. Just so you know, that’s Finalie on the hook. By the way.

As Finalie playfully makes a point for HipHopCanada to observe his versatility on the hook, he goes into the prowess of Young Kidd. “Kidd was money in the booth,” said Finalie. “He been writing his verse from the time we chose the beat.” The video was shot two days before Young Kidd’s vacation (incarceration) to Stony Mountain Penitentiary. Hence, the “Free Young Kidd” tees in the production. “We got turned up, shot Kidd’s part for the video and that was that: done deal,” said Finalie. Cop a download of “Kinfolk” and the rest of the Keep The Change mixtape via SoundCloud over here.

Written by Jamie Ellis for HipHopCanada

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