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Wolf, Princess & Me: Neon Dreams to drop concept EP on Sept. 22

Wolf, Princess & Me: Neon Dreams to drop concept EP on Sept. 22

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Frankie Payne – By Myself [Video]

Toronto, ONFrankie Payne (of Toronto’s Freedom Writers supergroup) drops off some new visuals for his “By Myself” banger featuring Erin Reece. The video was self-direcrted by Frankie but shot by Paul Nash and the song was produced by 2x Grammy-nominated Tone Mason (Drake, Jay Z, 50 Cent). You can find the track on Frankie’s Clarity album which is available on iTunes now.

Frankie Payne - By Myself [Video] -

Frankie Payne - By Myself [Video] -

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Frankie Payne - By Myself [Video] -

About Frankie Payne

Born in one of Toronto’s most violent neighbourhoods, at a young age Frankie fell in love with hip-hop music and the culture. When he became aware of his “rapping skills,” he started to practice and realized he had discovered a very deep connection with the art-form. “Throughout my life, hip-hop has always been like a big brother or best friend. Whenever I was afraid and didn’t know what to do, hip-hop gave me direction and strength.” This connection began to manifest itself when Frankie, at age 13, joined a group called “Split Decision.” After the release of a few singles and videos, the group signed to Attic Records, changed their name to Graphidi Logic and released the album called On A Mission.

Frankie has always embraced change, but let’s face it, sometimes you don’t have a choice! Although the album was well received across Canada, a few unfortunate events, mixed with the cutthroat nature of the industry, ultimately resulted in the group disbanding and forced Frankie to think about his future in music for the first time, a few years later he re-emerged under the moniker “JUGGANOT.” Hip-hop “culture” at that time was aggressive and exciting and Frankie spent much of this time cementing his name in Toronto’s hip-hop and battle rap community. After a lot of hard work, Frankie released his first independent album “Everything Is For A Reason.” It was well received by his peers and the hip-hop community as a whole.

Frankie’s life took a major turn for the worst when his mother developed cancer and passed away, leaving him to care for his younger brother and sister. In a “surreal” fashion, his life changed overnight. With no more late nights and a family to raise, he never stopped recording. As a result, he was able to put together two more independent releases, “Reality Check” Vol. 1 and 2. Around the same time, he was featured on a couple high-profile singles “The Hood Is Here (Remix)” (Jelleestone) + “Born & Raised In The Ghetto (Remix)” (Point Blank).

In 2008, Frankie decided to make a change and rethink his strategy. He dropped the “JUGGANOT” moniker and re-established himself with his real name FRANKIE PAYNE. He named his company ‘F.P.A.’ (Free People Association) and immediately released the single “Reach” (For The City), a creative and positive take on his city and its surroundings, giving listeners an authentic hip-hop experience and reminding ‘Toronto’ listeners of our shared ‘pride’ for our city. The song rotated on commercial airwaves and signalled Frankie’s move forward. In 2009, he released the IAMFRANKIEPAYNE EP featuring “Money” produced by BOI-1DA. Then in 2010, Frankie released “Street Wisdom” a mix tape he decided to put together while he worked on the development of his upcoming album. “A lot of these songs were experimental. I’m always looking for new ways to approach the music.” The lead single “Give Thanks,” gave Frankie an opportunity to hit the airwaves again, except this time he received a much larger response. The song was in rotation on several local and out of region radio programs. This is the first time Frankie revealed he could sing on his tracks with confidence, as well as be a decisive MC. Shortly after Frankie, more confident with his vocal skills released “My Life,” featuring Saukrates and produced by Tone Mason, with Frankie singing on the hook. Once again, one of his songs found its way into rotation and received another great response. Later that year, he released another track, with a bit of an “edge” called “Hard Headed” featuring Fire-Kid Steeny.

Later that year, Frankie found himself recording a lot of his material with well known producer Big Sproxx. Frankie felt comfortable recording with Big Sproxx while discussing and “debating” the finer points of hip-hop and its direction. Meanwhile, several MC’s (Tona, Adam Bomb, Progress and Theo3), representing a portion Toronto’s current crop of local talent also recorded a lot at Sproxx’s home studio. When all five MC’s often found themselves together, waiting in line to record their material, they realized that they had a lot in common and that their styles complimented one another’s. After a lot of get togethers and brainstorming sessions the MC’s decided to form a collective, they all agreed on the name “Freedom Writers.” Throughout the remainder of 2010 and all of 2011, the group has released several, well-received tracks: “Wake-Up,” “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised,” “Arizona Bay” and “For The Change.”

On top of a large catalogue of material, Frankie has had the opportunity to perform at several venues, doing a number of shows, in various cities over the years. He has performed with the likes of Buckshot Shorty, Saukrates, Dead Prez, DJ Grouch, Jadakiss, Rich Kidd, Canibus, Cause, Trish, Tona, Andreena, Adam Bomb, Jelleestone, Progress, JD Era, Theo3, DJ MelBoogie and several other well-known artists in the music industry.

Frankie personifies what a MC should be: witty, intelligent, aggressive, confident, calculating yet smooth. Against all the odds and the adversity he has persevered, while making continued contributions to the world of music. He looks forward to making bigger strides in a forever evolving music industry.

For Frankie Payne’s official website, check out

Twitter: @iAmFrankiePayne

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