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Classified’s 2013 self-titled album is now certified Platinum in Canada

Classified’s 2013 self-titled album is now certified Platinum in Canada

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HeatWave – 30 Days In Africa: Episode 2 – The Soil [Video]

Uganda, AFHeatWave is still on his 30 Days in Africa grind discovering his heritage and learning his roots in Uganda, Africa. In the first episode HeatWave was on his family business and although the second episode sways into some different experiences the vibe is still partially focused on his relatives – brothers, sisters and new friends.

On the press circuit promoting his upcoming album Hi Heat, the boy stops through a local radio station to share his stories and also makes an appearance in a televised interview. Finally you can see HeatWave rocking the mic or a local crowd in Campala City, showing off exactly what Hi Heat is all about. Catch the latest video from the 30 Days In Africa series below.

“Hi world,

 The Motherland has been a very humbling experience for me, it has brought me a new found enlightenment and it has humbled me in many ways. Drinking and bathing in clean water and never running out of water is a blessing. All the opportunities that I’m surrounded by in North America – being able to get a secure job or even being able to do my music freely without to0 many worries – are blessings as well. These things are not very common in Uganda unless you are very, very fortunate or you come from a wealthy family.

I had a chance to see where both my parents are from, where they grew up and where they took each other on their first dates before I was born. I also got a chance to see where they buried all the historic and important people in my family. This is where they plan on burying my Father, My Mother, My sisters and myself one day.

Heatwave - 30 days in africa

I  inherited land in Uganda this year and I plan on starting a farm business out there with my brother, Paul and my Sister, Rhoda. Since I’ve had a chance to see where it all started and where it will all end, it gives me a new feeling about my life. Now I’m just living to live, every minute, every hour, every moment is pretty much a blessing to me – I usually count them every night before I go to sleep and every morning before I start my day, at the very least.

I also got the opportunity to promote my new album, Hi Heat which I plan on releasing to the public mid-February. I hit up a few radio stations, did a few interviews including a TV Interview with Moshia from Skyzee TV. I played a promo show At Sabrina’s Pub downtown Kampala and Uganda was very receptive to my art. That alone feels like a home-run for me, being able to live my dream like that and share my music with the Motherland in general.

Heatwave - 30 days in africa

Heatwave - 30 days in africa

My Journey has been well worth it, I’ve made a lot of friends, gained new fans outside my core audience and gained wisdom from very wise people. There’s not too much more in life that I think I can ask for but I will continue to keep pushing forward in whatever I decide to do in my future. But best believe, I’m already content with what life has thrown my way already. There was a time in my life where I had thoughts that maybe I wouldn’t be able to see or live past 25 years as a result of my lifestyle as a youngin’. I always thought that things would creep up on me but now that I am in a different space and I’m living righteously it’s easier for me to stay focused and do what I love the most – getting to the music and putting out the best art that I can possibly put out.

Heatwave - 30 days in africa

Heatwave - 30 days in africa

Heatwave - 30 days in africa

With that being said I have also made a new mixtape featuring locals from Uganda, Kenya, Congo and Goma called Live From Africa that I will be releasing for free download. This will also be released in February with Hi Heat so be on the lookout. Please support both projects and watch for the dates and much more music from myself and from Vandettas in the near future. Happy 2014 to everybody and massive love,

Stars Up. HeatWave.”

Heatwave - 30 days in africa


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