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Wolf, Princess & Me: Neon Dreams to drop concept EP on Sept. 22

Wolf, Princess & Me: Neon Dreams to drop concept EP on Sept. 22

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Tomorrow: Rob GF drops Michael Jacobs-directed “Lights Dim Low” video [News]

Toronto, ONRob GF is thrilled to announce the release of the music video for “Lights Dim Low” from his latest mixtape, Higher Than Usual 2, on Friday, Jan. 24. The video, featuring Montreal’s newest R&B artist Young Soul, is intended to promote Higher Than Usual 2 as well as getting fans excited about his upcoming, first full-length feature album, #Kites, slated for an Apr. 1, 2014 release.

The Michael Jacobs-directed video has a grainy and industrial feel although the viewer will notice that the colours are bright and allow Rob and Young Soul to almost pop off the screen. This visual idiosyncrasy helps to convey the emotions of a love affair; uplifting and inspiring but tinged with a sense of mortality and pain. This infatuation is what Rob credits with the blistering pace at which he is currently making music but also drives him to look for comfort and escape through his vices. Young Soul, a newcomer to the Montreal music scene, helps to make the oscillation between emotions that the video evokes through his hook and bridge while Rob tells the story of love and loss.

Tomorrow: Rob GF drops Michael Jacobs-directed Lights Dim Low video [News] -

“The video and the song are really about the struggle of being in love with music,” says Rob. “It’s like being in love with a beautiful girl who doesn’t notice you and always ends up with the jock who drives a flashy car and gets all the accolades but posses little substance.” Does he get the girl in the end? “’No shine here’ is this about the drugs we turn to but provide no answer. Are we saying there’s no glory to be won or life is just pain, struggle and suffering?” The video doesn’t try to answer those questions because Rob hasn’t found his answer yet, but judging by what the 20 year-old is producing lately, success and victory are surely around the corner. Keep your ears open for Rob GF because the young rapper is on the warpath to bring substance and meaning back to rap and hip-hop, and in the process prove all of his detractors wrong.

About Rob GF

Roberto Gallippi-Ferreira, better known as Rob GF, was born and raised in Toronto’s inner city and has been a rap enthusiast since the age of 11 and had recorded and released his debut mixtape, Higher Than Usual, by the time he was 17. Now 20, Rob has released four mixtapes (Higher Than Usual, Get Lost, New Colour Mixtape and HTU2) and numerous music videos as he prepares for the launch of his first full-length album #Kites.

Although Rob was born and bred in downtown Toronto, his Italian and Portuguese background makes him something of an anomaly in the hip-hop world while at the same time engendering the multicultural make-up of urban Toronto which accounts for the eclectic and vibrant hip-hop scene in that city. Due to the duality of his existence within hip-hop Rob He insists on not comparing himself to other artists while still admiring the skills of other artists; he doesn’t want to be known as a Caucasian rapper but as a great rapper. This drives Rob to help bring back what made him fall in love with music and give back what he’s learned from the greats in the business.

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Tomorrow: Rob GF drops Michael Jacobs-directed Lights Dim Low video [News] -

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