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Quake Matthews & Sticks – Taylor Swift [Audio]

Quake Matthews & Sticks – Taylor Swift [Audio]

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Twizzie & Shelby Leiding – The Cellar Door EP [Album]

Calgary, AB – On Jan. 7, Calgary-based MC Twizzie and vocalist Shelby Leiding released their debut EP entitled The Cellar Door. Twizzie came up in the battle scene. He’s a member of the ContraVerse crew. And he has sick flow. Shelby is a total sassy-pants. Her talent is rooted in in the likes of jazz and classical – two genres that don’t grace the hip-hop world as frequently. Her vocals have this airy, haunting undertone. So the combination of Twizzie’s tight chops and Shelby’s penetrating voice results in this super fresh project. But how does that all translate into a hip-hop EP? It just does. Trust.

The six-track album has some sweet production by Epik the Dawn, Felly, Scarecrow Beats, and FloFilz. The overall feel of the Cellar Door sound is gnarly vintage vibing. There are funky tracks to dance to. There are suave smooth lady-killing tracks. And the opening track, “A Journey Without Its End” is surprisingly hard-hitting (despite Twizzie’s lyrical admission within the track, itself, that the project is intended to be laid back, as opposed to hard).

Twizzie & Shelby Leiding – The Cellar Door EP [Album] -


If you were kicking it in Calgary this week, you may have caught the duo’s performance at 10 at 10. They performed a few songs off the new project and I got goosebumps. Especially when they did “Make War, Not Love,” and Twizzie got really into the verses. And there were emotions. But if you missed the show, make sure you check out The Cellar Door EP. Actually, just check out the EP, regardless. It’s available for pay-what-you-can purchase via Bandcamp.

Facebook: TwizzieMusic

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