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Quake Matthews makes Top 5 in Casino Nova Scotia Artist in Residence Program

Quake Matthews makes Top 5 in Casino Nova Scotia Artist in Residence Program

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UPPRLVLS – 90’s BABY [Review]

Vancouver, BC – Continuing the momentum after the release of the WHOISJOHNDOE mixtape, John Doe and the rest of the UPPRLVLS team drop their latest 18-track-mixtape titled 90’s BABY. The mixtape combines the sultry sounds of the late-80’s-early-90’s with hard-hitting heavy bass and modern production styles.

UPRVLS - 90's BABY [Review] -

Upon the first listen it would be easy to dismiss 90’s BABY as “unimaginative, repetitive swag-rap” and skip the album entirely. Hearing the words “blunt”, “bitch”, “drink”, “money”, weed” within the first few minutes would be more than enough to deter any hip-hop head who values lyricism and originality – however, after warming up to the overall vibe of the mixtape and giving it the benefit of the doubt 90’s BABY becomes an entertaining experience for anyone with a pulse, a 6-pack and a sack of weed on hand.

The UPPRLVLS realize they’re not Talib Kweli (at least we hope they do) and none of them are trying to mesmerize us with any acrobatic, artistic wordplay like a 90’s Jay-Z or Nas might have done in the past. This mixtape is not lyrical. Now that we have that out of the way we can focus on what the raps do and do well and how they pair with the production. The laid back beats and smooth jazz samples are a perfect fit for the sluggish off-beat rhymes delivered throughout the mixtape. “With a J in my mouth ready lit/ You ain’t a G you a fake really bitch” from “B.Y.O.C” is so amusing, you can’t hold back a sarcastic smile but it really fits the overall vibe so well.

90’s BABY isn’t in a hurry to go anywhere. The opening song, for example is a 5 minute instrumental with little to no variation at all and sets the tone for the smoke-fest ahead. The mixtape feels like it’s designed to be a trip down memory lane for smokers who just want to kill an afternoon and roll blunts on their couch. “Califonication/ east side education/ hangover medication/ rollin’ up my vegetation” from “Cruella De Vil” pretty much sums up the entire 55 minutes in one bar.

The mixtape includes tracks from John Doe, Willy B., and Mr. Spacely with original chopped-and-screwed samples by Madonna, Crystal Waters, the Eurythmics and Sade laced throughout the tape to stimulate a retro vibe. Experimental and unconventional production choices such as 6-8 minute remixes with no rapping at all and almost half a dozen songs under 2 minutes wouldn’t have worked on most other full length efforts but the “I don’t sweat ’em, I’ma let ‘em come to me” vibe of 90’s BABY allows for such bold moves to exist and be enjoyed.

Written by Max Dishaw for HipHopCanada

Note: The views and opinions expressed in this page are strictly those of the author and are not necessarily those of HipHopCanada or its affiliates.

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Max has been producing, engineering and creating Hip-Hop music for the last 10 years. In 2011 he moved to London, England to study sound engineering with some of Europe's top engineers at Point Blank College of Music. Upon returning to Canada, Max enrolled at Nimbus School of Recording Arts where he continued his education in music production. He now resides in Vancouver where he operates a home studio, recording and mixing for local artists.

  1. Chevy

    After seeing the drama on fb..even encouraging me to come and say F HHC I had to see what all the fuss was about. Never heard of this group but after listening to only a few of the tracks on this project I`d say the artists should feel lucky at the review they got instead of burning bridges. From what I`m hearing it`s a really generous review. If you can`t take constructive criticism then don`t put yourself out there like that. So where else can I find an actual write up about UPPRLVLS with a different opinion about this album?

  2. Dabual

    Upprlvls is much more than this. Dont worry bout us

  3. damon

    yall need to listen to #WHOISJOHNDOE- it’s FIRE

  4. Mav

    I get that its the writers opinion, but clearly he doesn’t understand what hes writing about. comparing to talib kweli/nas? lol ok. as soon as the style strays away from the classic lyrical underground hiphop swollen members do you peasants get your panties in a bunch

  5. Tyler

    Doesn’t look like he’s comparing anyone to Nas or Kweli at all. He’s giving people an opinion of what type of lyricism / style to expect from the music. There’s a lot of positives highlighted in the review. There’s negatives as well. Getting mad on a public form is anything but professional. It’s a constructive review for a project that is far off from even deserving of one imo. I listened to a few of the tracks and I’m not feeling everything but i like some..potential in that crew for sure..John Doe especially. The intro is waaaaaay too long tho and worthy of a skip 30 seconds in. Not exactly a great first impression for new listeners.

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