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Quake Matthews & Sticks – Taylor Swift [Audio]

Quake Matthews & Sticks – Taylor Swift [Audio]

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Artiztik – February 14th [EP]

Ottawa, ON – Ottawa-based MC Artiztik just launched his latest project entitled February 14th, just in time for – you guessed it – Valentines Day. But in all honesty, this EP is more than just another project of love songs – it’s solid good music. Artiztik has carefully selected some sweet production to lay his verses over. The project includes beats courtesy of Johnny Haze, Strizzy Vendetta, Ludwig Danson, SeeoBeats, Telengenic, Wrona, and Pyrvmxdz.

And Artiztik capitalizes on the fact that he’s working with stellar beats by letting each song come into its own. Nearly every joint on here has definite ear-worming capabilities. Those hooks will get stuck in your head. And you’ll probably find yourself lurking the dark realms of the Internet to get beats from some of the producers on this project. They are so fresh. So check it out below, and cop a download of February 14th over on Bandcamp.

So here’s a disclaimer: this project is all original material, which is dope. Another disclaimer: Chick records are more relevant now, than they’re ever been. So get over it. Don’t sleep on this project, just because you’re biased against that sort of thing.

The EP starts off with the jazzy old-school-influenced opening “Hopscotch” track. It’s a playful little metaphor. Because dealing with women is like trying to play hopscotch, and your heart will get trampled. Then, if you can handle it, “Safe and Sound” will make you feel emotions. So many emotions and feelers. It’s Artiztik’s deep heartfelt eulogy of regret. “Memory Lane” has this sweet old-school beat and some solid one-liners: “And I hate to put dirty laundry on top of you/ But you dated a rapper so it’s only logical.” That’s funny.

The project finishes up with “Stand By Me.” Surprisingly, the verses are really turned up on this one. It’s the grand finale of Artiztik’s big love epiphany. The Cliff Notes version: He messed up. He lost a girl. He misses her. He has since grown and put on his big boy pants. And now he’s taking an introspective look at love.

Twitter: @ArtiztikMusic

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