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Jam Master Jay receives tribute turntable routine from son TJ Mizell & Skratch Bastid

Jam Master Jay receives tribute turntable routine from son TJ Mizell & Skratch Bastid

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e.d.g.e. – EDGELIB 081 [Review]

Vancouver, B.C – Vancouver emcee e.d.g.e connects with to bring you EDGELIB 081, a mini-EP over Madlib instrumentals from the Deeper EP collaboration with Freddie Gibbs. EDGELIB 081 is the first release of 2014 from the prolific lyricist and the first of many he plans to release this year.

EDGELIB [Review]

e.d.g.e is smooth. He flows like a bill counting machine going through a stack of 100s with zero profanity and 100% style. He isn’t selfish either; considering his audience and adjusting his pace accordingly to give the listener brief moments to stop and absorb what he’s just said and then continue to follow the leader. The beats aren’t anything new or game changing but still induce a subconscious head nod. This is ok though because the main attraction on this mini EP is meant to be e.d.g.e and his refined skill.

On “Hi-Lo”, the EP’s opening track e.d.g.e’s raps  “Church/ You’ve been invited by the preacher/ I keep it 300, Leonidas spittin’ ether”. His confidence in his abilities as an emcee are undeniable, he knows just how to fit his words into the grove and weaves in and out of the beats like a master predator stalking it’s prey. “Underground movers assume telekinesis/Verbally murder Judas and pass the burner to Jesus” – this EP has such an authentic hip-hop feel. It’s refreshing to hear a project that takes the genre back to the glory days before flashy RnB hooks and auto-tuned vocals when you could just sit back and enjoy an emcee murdering 16s over sample driven beats.

“Game Over” stands out as one of the more witty and inventive tracks. Here, e.d.g.e name drops countless legendary video game characters and consoles and seamlessly blends them into a story. This is equals parts impressive as it is entertaining and will most likely evoke warm feelings of nostalgia for us 80’s kids. Clocking in at just over nine minutes, this conscious, fly EP gets you into the mood and then leaves you with only one thought “More e.d.g.e. Please”.

Review by Max Dishaw for HipHopCanada

Twitter: @edgarpenwork


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