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Quake Matthews & Sticks – Taylor Swift [Audio]

Quake Matthews & Sticks – Taylor Swift [Audio]

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falcxne – Cereal (Prod. J Dilla) [Audio]

Montreal, QC – Mississauga-born, Montreal-based falcxne recently released a dope track entitled “Cereal” over J Dilla’s “DFTF” beat. This track is such a killer ode to everything everyone misses about what happened when Dilla the Great linked things up with his Slum Village brothers.

It’s such a geek-out track with some true disciple-worthy lyricism: “My Slum Village full of brothers finna’ pillage so you/ Better Find A Way to EZ Up while I’m in this booth.” Because –you know– Slum Village. And that track they did called “EZ Up.” And that “Find A Way” track by A Tribe Called Quest that was produced by the Master Dilla. I triple-dog-dare you to give this track a listen and count every single Dilla reference that falcxne makes. You don’t win a prize, or anything. Just do it in the name of Dilla. Check it below. And if you’re feeling it, cop a download of the track via Bandcamp.


falcxne – Cereal (Prod. J Dilla) [Audio] -

Bandcamp: falcxne

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