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Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

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Immaculate – Solitude [Review]

Vernon, BC – The pride of Vernon B.C., rapper Immaculate, releases his latest full-length album Solitude which he claims is his absolute best work to date. The album features artists such as Emotionz, Cryptic Wisdom and Rob Grounds with production coming from the likes of Life and Death Productions, SwAy, Kyle English and Keitz Beatz, just to name a few. Immaculate is also in the midst of an upcoming Canadian Tour with Ghettosocks, Relic and Attikus called The GOLDEN Tour which kicked off in Vancouver earlier this month.

Immaculate - Solitude [Review] -

On paper, Immaculate is a decent emcee but his sub-par, corny-white-boy flow will irritate you if you’re a newcomer or not already a fan. Non inventive, unoriginal lyrics that you’ve heard on so many tapes before make up the majority of his bars. The rhymes schemes are so predictable and never catch you off guard or deliver anything special. Exhibit A, from the track “Morning Bliss” “Woke up this morning with a smile on my face, that said/ Wow how you doin’ it’s a beautiful day”… nice. Throw us a bone here, Immaculate, we’re begging for something fresh. Rap-wise the highlight of Solitude comes from Cryptic Wisdom who delivers one of, if not the best verse on the album on the track “Automatic”.

A handful of tone deaf singers make guest appearances and the all star team of beat makers assembled barely heat the speakers up enough to break a sweat. That’s not to say all the singing should be ignored, though “Counting Wolves” for example is a gorgeous tune, it really puts you into a good mood and serenades you, until the vibe switches following the intro chorus and the train derails. For the vast majority the guest appearances do nothing to help the album and in addition are far too frequent.

Whether you like the flavour of the album or not there’s no denying that a lot of work went into it. Sonically it sounds as good as any million dollar Def Jam album you could name and the level of polish and production is undeniable. There’s a ton of ear candy on Solitude. Echoes, delays, stutter effects, pitched down vocals, sound FX, you name it. It’s just a shame that the Ferrari in question only had a parking lot to test it’s engine.

Solitude is available now on iTunes.

Written by Max Dishaw for HipHopCanada

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