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Quake Matthews & Sticks – Taylor Swift [Audio]

Quake Matthews & Sticks – Taylor Swift [Audio]

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Jakub Evolved – Black Madonna [Mixtape]

Vancouver, BC – Vancouver’s own Jakub Evolved (of the KIDS crew) just released a solo mixtape entitled Black Madonna. The 23-track tape is the first installation of Jakub’s two-disc series. The second tape is called Love MisUnderstood and is slated for release in fall 2014.

Jakub Evolved is one of those deep dudes. You know what I mean – he’s less inclined to crank out a bunch of club bangers, and more inclined to take you on a big artistic conceptual journey into the twisted mind of Jakub Evolved. Check out Black Madonna below and cop a download via Bandcamp.

So here’s the lowdown on Black Madonna:  It’s a love story between Jakub and Black Madonna. Black Madonna is a lover, as well as a mentor, of sorts. Then things get dark and emotional, and Jakub dies. And then he is reborn. And then the tape ends. The project was mixed and mastered by Jakub’s fellow KIDS crewmate, Kelvin (who also makes a feature appearance alongside KIDS’ third member, Jay Mizz, on “Wishing On A Star”).

But who – exactly – is this Black Madonna? From what I gather, she’s probably comparable to a next-level Beyonce, or some kind of comparable impossibly perfect woman. The kind of unattainable woman that every man wants, and every woman aspires to be – just making eye contact with her would make for some serious bucket list material. But she’s got a dark side, too.

Jakub Evolved begins the tape with a track entitled “The End.” And he finishes the project with “The Beginning.” He would do that, too. The tape starts off on a high-note, with some vintage-vibing production. But it gets darker, and darker, as the tape progresses. Actually, within the first few tracks it starts to get really dark. Not in a graphic, gory, blood-and-guts-everywhere sense. But it starts to mess with your mind a bit. You know how psychological thrillers are much scarier than gory horror flicks? This tape is the hip-hop equivalent of a psychological thriller.

Twitter: @JakubEvolved | @KIDSMUSIC604 | @4amstyles

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