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Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

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Ty Zeta – Ty Zeta EP [Review]

Langley, B.C – Local rising talent, Ty Zeta releases his debut self titled EP in the wake of a strong social media campaign and buzz from his peers. The project was recorded and engineered entirely at Nautic Wave Studios by the prodigy Johnny Alvernaz. Production of the EP was shared between Alex Valenzuela and Ty himself, showcasing his talent as a beat maker.

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You get the feeling right from the beginning that being on the mic is a spiritual practice for Zeta. He is unapologetically honest and gives the listener an intimate glimpse into his personal life, revealing his insecurities and battles with inner demons. On the surface he may appear to be just another young man who likes to drink beer and smoke the finest smoke but Zeta is far more courageous than your average emcee and has the rare gift of introspection. Peep the line from the opening track “Jazz Cigarettes”. “Had some knowledge missin’, and I was ignorant/ Being inconsiderate just put me in predicaments/ Now I see the light the glory and the vividness/ I was holdin’ back but now my power is infinite”

Zeta’s voice is one of his best attributes. Powerful, masculine, commanding attention and full of passion, you can hear his frustration through the speakers in lines like this one from “Street Lights”; “Obsessive and compulsive and I never plan ahead of me/Being someones enemy something I wanna never be/ Dwelling on our history something I do professionally/ I just hope to god someone understand it eventually”.

If you had to picture yourself somewhere while listening to this EP it could easily in the middle of a cypher at a street-lit basketball court at 2am. Equal parts dark and gritty and complimented by delicate production touches and ear candy courtesy of Johnny Alvernaz. With each subsequent listen you catch more and more detail you didn’t know was there the first time around.

Whether you want to crank it to 11 and intimidate your neighbours with bangers like “Unforgettable” or get sedated and be mesmerized by “Devil’s In My head”, Ty Zeta’s debut had a flavour for you. All six beats are so uniquely attractive in their own way but still manage to blend together effortlessly into this 20 minute package.

While the EP definitely has that “EP, home-made, underground” feel to it, that’s OK because it suits Zeta’s style. The ceiling is so high for this young prospect and I’m sure after listening to this project the fans will be eagerly anticipating the next full length release.

Review written by Max Dishaw for HipHopCanada


Twitter: @tyzeta



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