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Dope Piece gets the party started in his new video for “Party Joint”

Dope Piece gets the party started in his new video for “Party Joint”

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Hydeff – Dr J & Mr H (Part 1) [Audio]

Toronto, ONHydeff recently released “Dr J & Mr H (Part 1).” The Shady Shaman’s latest track to-date hears this sorcerer MC hitting new profound notes with his smooth production and unrivalled vocal delivery.

Since I’ve been following Hydeff’s journey, I’ve noticed this Toronto-based rapper’s style becoming increasingly clean, and better focused on highlighting his incomparable prowess on the mic. On this beat –  this soulful beat – Hydeff kicks off with rhymes that visualize the light and dark of the dual worlds this young street poet from Toronto resides in. Check it out.


 Dr J & Mr H (Part 1) [Audio] -

This track uses a beat produced by the late and infinitely great J Dilla. One of the reasons Hydeff’s bars are so poignant is because this MC doesn’t scream into the ears of his listeners to get his point across. Rather, he produces tongue-rolling rhymes like “I flip it like a swan tom/ Bomb then I’m laying low somewhere in Hong Kong/ Eatin’ won tons/ In my long  johns/ Asian girl and Rom Coms/ Get her legs to kickin’ like she Chun-Li with the pom poms.” Contemplating “conflicts of a Gemini.”

One of the coolest things about the essence of “Dr J & Mr H” is that it presents the spirit of hip-hop at its finest: a constant struggle between the light and the dark that simultaneously illuminates the streets while disguising its many dangers. I can’t wait to hear where Part 2 of this easy classic takes us.

Written by Brandon Bastaldo for HipHopCanada

Twitter: @High_Defined@ITSUNLKLY

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