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Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

JesseRay – 1990 [Album]

Toronto, ON – T-Dot-based JesseRay (of StarCity Music) recently dropped his new album entitled 1990. JesseRay goes hard on the auto-tune. But it’s like Kanye West auto tune. Not T-Pain auto tune. There’s a big difference. He brings a vibed-out mixture of R&B, spacey production, and hip-hop.

This album falls somewhere between the tuneage you’d listen to when you want to vibe out alone, and the tuneage you’d pop on when you’re looking to get some skin-to-skin action. The album was produced by JesseRay and Channing Anderson. Check it below.

JesseRay – 1990 [Album] -


1990 is 10 tracks long. It starts off with “Heaven Can Wait.” JesseRay has this ability to make crass talk sound really smooth. When he’s all like, “I don’t even wanna know how you f*ck without me,” it doesn’t come across as vulgar. It sounds really deep and analytical. I just want to be like, “Yo JesseRay. Let’s talk about this in further detail. How does she f*ck without you? Let’s ponder this, and get some insight.”

My first thought while listening to this was, “Wow. This guy has some serious Weeknd-like abilities.” He’s one of few who can get away with excessive use of the words “f*ck” and “p*ssy.” In fact, he could straight-up just make a joint called “F*ck P*ssy” and I would probably put it on replay. Then I found out that JesseRay used to be in a group called Bullies n Nerdz with Abel Tesfaye. Unfortunately the two of them had a falling-out and went off in separate directions. But it makes sense that they’ve done work together. There are definite similarities between the two of them.

The third track on the album is titled “Gold.” And it’s beautiful. I want this track’s production to seep into all of my pores and rejuvenate me from the inside-out. Vibe out to this one alone, though. It’s sad. Because it’s seemingly about the decline of a relationship. Which is sad. Girl problems are always sad. The hook laces itself throughout the song. So there’s literally “gold” everywhere. Because the dude’s all like “gold,” “gold,” “gold.” And he throws in a little “Marvin’s Room” style sloppy voicemail (with weird maniacal laughing) mid-way through the track.

“Ignit” is for fornicating. Nothing but body fluid exchange happening here. But it’s also the most turned-up track on the album. I never thought I’d see the day where a dude boasting about getting a home-run would sound so sexy.

The angriest track is “Mr. Perfect.” JesseRay maintains his spacey provocative tone while dropping some serious beef: “Perfect picture/ Why go frame it?/ Go ‘head go drink that liquor/Go head and go blame it/ On last night/ Pictures made you famous.” Which is just a really articulate way of saying “You ain’t sh*t.” It gets you thinking about how everyone is fronting on Instagram and basing their entire existence on the stories told via their social media postings. Everything you know is a lie, though. And Mr. Perfect isn’t actually so perfect. He’s just been exposed by JesseRay.

And then “Empty Rooms” happens. And I’m getting serious Yeezus flashbacks. Because JesseRay starts off with, “Too much liquor in my blood tonight.” And it’s reminiscent of that opening, “I can hold my liquor” on Ye’s “Hold My Liquor.” The only difference is that Ye can hold his liquor (…or so he claims), and JesseRay might not be able to. But the common denominators here are auto tune and liquor. So it’s basically the same thing. I really love this joint, though. It explores the whole surrounded-by-people-but-feel-so-alone thing. The empty rooms are a metaphor. For empty emotions. Deep.

“Sex Machine.” Self-explanatory. And it’s almost six minutes in length. So go hit the bedroom for this one, and then you can continue listening to the rest of the project.

“New Song” is another trip down Yeezus lane. JesseRay starts off with “Nine-to-five/ No promotion/ Boss pissed me off/ So I’m loaded/ He pissed me off/ And he knows it.” And he just gets really angry. I’m half-expecting him to be all like, “I’ma let you finish, but this is the newest song of all time! One of the newest songs of all time!”

And finally, 1990 finishes off with “Waterfall.” And it’s the most beautiful feelers-inducing track. We get deep into H20 metaphors. And metaphors are great. JesseRay starts off with this “Don’t let the bottle fall” hook. And you can just picture it: someone totally faded at the end of the night. And everything is a mess of emotions and sloppy liquor-induced depression. And it takes more than substantial effort to refrain from spilling or dropping the bottle of booze. He moves on to saying “Let the water fall on you.” And then he hits it home with “I don’t want to be another wave.” There’s probably a PlentyOfFish pun to be made somewhere in here. But that (sadly) wouldn’t be something JesseRay would do. Because this is a serious song.

I’m ridiculously geeked that this project happened. I just want to talk to you all about my emotions now. Because these 10 tracks made me feel so many things. So go download 1990 over here. And then we can talk feelings. And if you don’t like to talk about feelers, you can always throw this on the loud-speakers and get down to business. Win-win situation.

Written by Sarah Sussman for HipHopCanada

Twitter: @kingraysc | @CEOstarcity | @rekkzone

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    This is fu*king incredible

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    Production vocals and storytelling so dope, this kid should already be huge

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    Dopeeee, and different !

  4. Mizzshanellexo

    This album is unreal, from when I heard the channel change on some 90s shit, every song is flawless, this is so fresh, thank you so much for tho find ! I needed this! I can’t wait or more

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    Dope project

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    I love he’s beats and voice’ wow

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    Heaven can wait in repeat

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    WOW the production on this album is AMAZING to say the least.

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    Glad I’m came across this #1990 #jesseray

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    Kids going to takeover the city with this one

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