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ATL-based Canadian rapper DruggOfChoice drops new visuals for “DRUGS-123”

ATL-based Canadian rapper DruggOfChoice drops new visuals for “DRUGS-123”

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T-Pain at Venue live in Vancouver [Review]

Vancouver, BC – One of the most influential and in demand artists of the last 10 years was welcomed to Vancouver’s VENUE last night as part of the 34-Date I Am T-Pain Tour. The buzz had time to build for several hours as there were no scheduled openers for T-Pain. While the house DJs did their thing, it started to look more and more like lunch period in high school as small groups of people started to collect near the stage. The brave, lone soul who attempted to light a J got swarmed by security faster than the last piece of meat in the Serengeti and was promptly shown to the exit.

T-Pain at Venue live in Vancouver [Review] -

T-Pain made his entrance with a handful of the Nappy Boy members including Courtney Vantrease who performed the entire set along side his formerly dread-locked partner. Some of the opening tracks included obvious picks like “Buy U A Drink” as well as some unexpected tiles such as a remix of “Black & Yellow” from the series of “T-Mixes” – remixes done by T-Pain to a handful of top songs from 2010. T-Pain showed off his non-vocal skills throughout the night too, doing his robot dances and what looked like his own version of Salsa.

As mentioned before, T-Pain was accompanied by Courtney Vantrease the entire night. The two of them were hardly Batman and Robin though and Vantrease acted like he was taking his first skating lesson; constantly looking over at T-Pain as if to check and make sure he was getting all the moves right. It was awkward and made them look unrehearsed. After four songs they took the first of many drink/ catch-breath breaks. T-Pain even admitted “Shut up! I’m tryna pace myself” as the crowd was chanting his name. It was a bit embarrassing. Seriously guys, are you rapping or building the pyramids in the middle of the summer? It was like watching an NFL game with all of the breaks. What’s worse is T-Pain would turn his back to the audience while chugging out of his red solo cup and chatting with the DJ. Come on man, we came to watch you perform tonight, not to see that you forgot to wear a belt.

The momentum eventually picked up and the bangers kept coming one after the next. T-Pain is like a walking, talking greatest hits album. Certain fan favorites like “Im In Love With Stripper” had every female member in the audience singing along word for word. Some other hits included “Bartender” and the Lil’ Wayne track “Got Money.” To top off the night, one of T-Pain’s most recent songs “Up Down (Do This All Day)” was also performed for the fans.

The Nappy Boys abruptly left the stage for what felt like the most obvious encore in the making. After a minute or so they returned and performed a short set that included the brand new track “Fresh Prince” which features Young Cash, J. Kelly and Vantrease. “My name is T-Pain, thank you for inviting me into your home”. His final words before dropping the mic to the floor: “In the great words of George W. Bush ‘fuck you n*ggas I’m out this bitch!'”

Review by Max Dishaw for HipHopCanada
Photography by Richard LeCoin for HipHopCanada

T-Pain at Venue live in Vancouver [Review] -

T-Pain at Venue live in Vancouver [Review] -

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