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Quake Matthews & Sticks – Taylor Swift [Audio]

Quake Matthews & Sticks – Taylor Swift [Audio]

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D-Sisive launches Desolate Radio & Sleepy Time with Orville Knoblich [News]

Toronto, ON – Derek Christoff aka D-Sisive let us know about two great new initiatives he’s been working on. The Desolate Collective including Desolate Radio and Sleepy Time with Orville Knoblich. Click the jump for details about both in D-Sisive’s own words.

D-Sisive launches Desolate Radio & Sleepy Time with Orville Knoblich [News] -

D-Sisive launches Desolate Radio & Sleepy Time with Orville Knoblich [News] -

Nobody lives forever, but nobody said we couldn’t try

Words by Derek Christoff aka D-Sisive

I did it!

I fucking did it, and I’m proud of myself. I stepped outside my comfort zone and launched The Desolate Collective. It’s a very minor launch – very basement, but the basement is where I’m most at home. I think clearer in the dark, damp and dingy. So, what better place to step out of my comfort zone than the place where I’m most comfortably uncomfortable!

The Desolate Collective has been somersaulting in my noodle for the past two years. In December, 5 days before Christmas, I was unexpectedly let go from my job. Unemployed and terrified, I decided to finally pursue my dream of becoming a powerful media mogul. I wrote a press release, and had a logo designed. I made t-shirts sporting my logo, and even organized a launch party to rap at and sell said t-shirts. That party got me some press, and though it was poorly attended – something I’m very used to – it helped make Desolate real. Today, Desolate is real as fuck!

Last Tuesday, I launched Sleepy Time with Orville Knoblich: a weekly series of children’s stories, read by my good pal, Orville Knoblich. Cleaning out my storage unit, I came across a book my Grandfather gave me for my 7th birthday – a biography on Bunna Nuth, a Macedonian-born magician|escape artist who left his fame and fortune behind at the peak of his career to live a normal life in Canada. That book was a very important piece of my childhood. Seeing it again inspired me to want to share stories with you and your children! Sleepy Time with Orville Knoblich airs every Tuesday on

Today, I launch Desolate Radio; a weekly radio show curated|hosted by me, and produced by my kimosawbe, Robert ‘Muneshine’ Bakker. Music is my life, and my collection and taste is all over the fucking place. I want to share it with you. I consider Desolate Radio more audio zine than radio show: a spicy Macedonian stew of meats that make me happy. Desolate Radio airs every Thursday on

2 important pieces of the 48 piece Desolate puzzle I’ll be putting together at my kitchen table. I hope you all join me on my bizarre travels. And don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about the music. New music is weeks away!

Nobody lives forever, but nobody said we couldn’t try.


Desolate Radio with Derek Christoff:

Story Time with Orville Knoblich:

Twitter: @DerekChristoff

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