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Halifax’s Corey Writes releases new “Picture Me Rollin” single featuring

Halifax’s Corey Writes releases new “Picture Me Rollin” single featuring

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e.d.g.e. – Waves Motel EP [Review]

Vancouver, BC – The project that Vancouver emcee e.d.g.e. had put on hold is complete and available for free download. Waves Motel is a cohesive project, which ranges from personal storytelling “Journal Entry”, to the perspective of a soul on the wrong side of the afterlife “Inferno”, to the everyday struggle of communicating with the opposite sex, “Laws Of Attraction”. The soulful production of both Justyn Waves and Moteleola, respectively, provide the perfect backdrop for e.d.g.e.’s pen – powerful storytelling, honest lyrics and intricate wordplay keep the listener thoroughly entertained throughout the 6 song journey.

e.d.g.e. - Waves Motel EP [Review] -

“Cold shoulder, chip that froze over/ the burg ice word, superb spill on the curb/ nice, blurred lights occur, eyes observe/ lady luck playin’ fair, how nice of her”.

How often do we get to hear rhyme schemes this dope? There’s no filler to speak of. Not a second is wasted on Waves Motel. e.d.g.e. is having fun, and making it look easy in the process. This is an EP for hip-hop fans; not the mainstream. While the production doesn’t offer any prize winning beats, the jazz influenced, sample based tracks do a perfect job in laying the foundation and supporting the main focus which are e.d.g.e.’s rhymes and metaphors.

In a hip-hop world full of arrogant, alpha males objectifying women it’s so refreshing to hear an emcee rap with so much honesty and show vulnerability. Check out these bars from “Laws Of Attraction”.

“Over thinking it, simple introduction might be the way, nothing intricate/ Feeling kinda nervous, took a step back/ Eye contact, smiled and she smiled right back/ Started walking her way, palms sweaty/ Realized, she was walking already”

Granted, the story concludes with the man being shut down, just the fact that he shows so much courage deserve a round of applause. e.d.g.e. is a gifted storyteller and grants the listener intimate glimpses into his world.

It’s hard not to think of names like an early Rakim and them when you hear e.d.g.e. rap. Not a single curse word is uttered the entire EP. He doesn’t need to swear. His voice captures your attention and ultimately he’s in this for the art not the fame. For the craft and the love of rapping. So what are you waiting for? Click the link. You’ll be nodding your head and memorizing these lyrics for days. Enjoy.

Written by Max Dishaw for HipHopCanada

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