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ATL-based Canadian rapper DruggOfChoice drops new visuals for “DRUGS-123”

ATL-based Canadian rapper DruggOfChoice drops new visuals for “DRUGS-123”

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Shai Mate – Take Control [Album]

Vancouver, BC – Vancouver hip-hop artist, Shai Mate had been wanting to make a properly produced and put together record for a long time. But it wasn’t until he gained the knowledge and skills from Nimbus School of Recording Arts that he felt he was in a position to do so. As soon as his education began at Nimbus, he knew it was a goal of his to complete a full length LP with original production. As he began putting songs together that he felt best represented the message and vibe he was trying to convey to people, it became clear to Shai what kind of songs were missing from the body of work and had yet to be brought to light.

A great deal of effort was made trying to create something of high quality on all fronts and most importantly to convey his true personality on wax. To inspire people to break through what it is that’s holding them back from achieving their goals and to take control of their lives. Hence the album title Take Control.

Through the connections at Nimbus, Shai Mate had the privilege of working with such legendary producers as DJ Kemo, Garth Richardson, Chin Injeti, and Rob The Viking of Swollen Members. Take Control went into production and writing in December of 2012. The songs were all written and a demo was recorded by September 2013. Between September 2013 and March 2014 the album went through rigorous post production stages. Take Control was mastered near the end of March 2014 by Brock Macfarlane. Not only was Shai responsibly for the vast majority of the Mixing and post production, he also designed and painted the original artwork for the album cover.

The vastly talented young artist is planning an album release party at Hooker’s Green scheduled for May the 1st. Look out for Shai Mate on your local Vancouver radio stations and TV stations.

Shai Mate - Take Control [Audio] -

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Max has been producing, engineering and creating Hip-Hop music for the last 10 years. In 2011 he moved to London, England to study sound engineering with some of Europe's top engineers at Point Blank College of Music. Upon returning to Canada, Max enrolled at Nimbus School of Recording Arts where he continued his education in music production. He now resides in Vancouver where he operates a home studio, recording and mixing for local artists.

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