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Quake Matthews – You Ain’t Me (Prod. Chris Noxx) [Video]

Quake Matthews – You Ain’t Me (Prod. Chris Noxx) [Video]

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The 6th Letter – NorthernPlayalisticGetHighMuzik Vol. 1 [Album]

Toronto, ONOriginally published April 28, 2014 – Although 4/20 may come and go, music that you can smoke to lasts forever. Over the past few months, we’ve received drops from Baker’s Club member The 6th Letter‘s promised project, NorthernPlayalisticGetHighMuzik Volume 1. Before you roll one, download the album after the jump for some good company.

The 6th Letter - NorthernPlayalisticGetHighMuzik Vol. I [ALBUM]-


Title-play inspired by Outkast’s Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik, 6th presents 13 tracks that were all produced by Raz Fresco. The album is an experience in itself. With tracks titled “WEED RAP” and “Chain Smokin,” the album – undoubtedly –  is stacked with new opportunities to zone out, vibe out and chill- no matter the situation (but ideally one that involves lighting up). NorthernPlayalisticGetHighMuzik holds features from BriskInTheHouse, Jimmy Johnson, The Foreigners and more. Congratulations, 6th!

Twitter: @The6thLetter | @RazFresco

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