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Wolf, Princess & Me: Neon Dreams to drop concept EP on Sept. 22

Wolf, Princess & Me: Neon Dreams to drop concept EP on Sept. 22

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#DearRappers: Haters gonna hate [Article]

Vancouver, BC – In light of the recently published list by the brand new blog, Stir The Pot Vancouver, on Vancouver’s 15 Worst Hip-Hop Videos of All Time, I thought it only appropriate to openly express my thoughts on the critic/rapper relationship.

Blogging and reviewing is a tricky game – artists love us when we love them but they hate us when we don’t. Truth is, writers can’t love everyone all the time and while some have learned to keep their negative opinions to themselves, some are out to speak their truth and sometimes, stir the pot. This round #DearRappers is dedicated to the topic of critics – check it below.

#DearRappers: Haters gonna hate [Article]  -

I’m all about unity in the Vancouver music scene – in a perfect world we would all support and lift each other up – that simply isn’t that case here in Vancity. Some of Vancouver’s most talented artists don’t get even close to the amount of love and support they deserve from their home city while mediocrity is vastly celebrated (as seen by Vancouver’s top promoters who put rappers on an opening spot purely based on the amount of tickets they can push, and not talent).

If you’re an artist you should expect critics to come out of the woodwork and give their two cents on whatever project you have vulnerably exposed to the entire internet but are some critics taking it too far? Example: Stir The Pot Vancouver’s debut article on Vancouver’s 15 Worst Hip-Hop Videos of All Time – a blog clearly created for the sole purpose of publishing that list.

I’m not saying my opinion is any different from the next critic’s opinion (what’s that saying? Opinions are like assholes – everybody has one) but the difference between me and some faceless hater who created a blog just to rip apart 15 of Vancouver’s grinding artists? Integrity.

First off, 15 of Vancouver’s worst hip-hop videos? Of all time? Just so it’s clear, we’re talking videos, right? Well, this critic happened to choose two videos done by one of Vancity’s top production teams, Self Hired. Are we talking quality of visuals or did this writer (and I use that term loosely) mean to say, 15 of Vancouver’s worst rappers? Which is it? Because while Tee Loc and Hoodrich may not be critically acclaimed, there’s no denying that Self Hired’s video production is practically second to none in Vancouver. Is it safe to assume that this article was written by a salty rapper who has it out for all 15 of these dudes? Perhaps. In my experience, nobody cares harder about local rappers than other local rappers.

Second, where’s your writer’s credit? Who wrote this ball-less list without taking responsibility for it? You scared, bro? I hope they enjoyed the 15 minute of nameless fame because while “kus” was clearly spelled ironically throughout the whole article, not to mention the poor grammar, a real Vancouver hip-hop head would have known that Red1 is not spelled Red One. Oh, and the misspelling of the only other rapper’s name they praised, that’s just an amateur writer’s mistake. Maybe they should consider something called research – we’re all doing it. Shout-out to Joose Justis though.

Most of the rappers on the list refused to engage on social media, while some went hard flexing their power to get back at whoever wrote this. End of the day, I hope this writer (and obvious rapper) put their video on the list because it certainly got two full days of Facebook attention and let’s face it, brought up old videos that most of Vancouver had long forgotten about. More YouTube hits for everyone!

So this message is to critics and emcees: can’t take the heat? Step out of the game. This isn’t for the faint of heart. That goes for rappers putting their material out for the world to judge and critics who don’t have enough integrity to put a name on their opinions. If you believe in yourself, your voice and your product, it shouldn’t matter what people say as long as your name is on it and it makes you proud.

Written by KassKills for HipHopCanada

Notice: The views and opinions expressed in this page are strictly those of the author and are not necessarily those of HipHopCanada or its affiliates.

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#DearRappers: Haters gonna hate [Article]  -

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  1. MH

    Good article, we got number one on this list and got 10 k views on a 5 year old video since it was posted,clearly our songs aren’t for everyone and we know that. Bad press is still press and the amount of fans who hit us up for support after the blog was realeased was overwhelming, so to whoever wrote the article, thank you there is no hard feelings and people will respect you more if you don’t remain anonymous.

  2. Christina

    We’ve already given that list too much justification by even acknowledging it. Kus? Really? Definitely agree with that last paragraph Kass, some of these rappers are acting like their girl just dumped them.

  3. Ron

    can’t believe you got butthurt enough to write an article about this list. every song on the list is straight garbage, not hip hop, end of story. somebody is taking your job description, having some fun with it, and ACTUALLY getting shares for it. how many shares you think this desperate and sleepy attempt at defending the scene here will get? lel

  4. Ron

    Money Hungry has been waiting to speak on this…… yes!! take pride in the shittiest song ever

  5. Tristan

    Ron your the only person coming across as butt hurt. Its all good to voice your opinion when your safe behind your keyboard but lets hear it when you run into MH on the streets or in the club. Could care less what a internet troll has to say but you can still get beat down for fun. stay safe

  6. Joe

    Ron you are one passionate internet troll. Keep on trying way to hard bro, we love to see it

  7. JONNY

    Kass you need to get off Self Hired’s dick because they are sooooo overrated. All their videos look exactly the same. “No one will notice if i make the screen shake in EVERY video EVERYTIME the kick/bass comes in” “Let me get my homeys around a table and pretend we’re ballers”. “Wait, lets get a shot of us in front of these rental cars pretending to shoot guns.” Those guy are not even allowed in restaurants lol. Vancouver has so many great film schools and people. Vancouver rappers/musicians need to start working independently with some of these people and actually make something unique and special. Don’t give your money to Self Hired unless you want your shit to look exactly the same as every other video they’ve done.

  8. @johnny

    you feel safer knowing we cant eat in the restaurants right? lol
    talking like theyre not really ballers sitting at those tables, and they down own those cars. LOL why so mad? your an average joe. not everybody lives in their moms basement or drives a kia like you big guy

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