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Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

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Hopsin returns to Canada for mini-tour starting May 6 in Vancouver [News]

Toronto, ONOriginally published April 3, 2014 – Funk Volume’s Hopsin makes his return to Canada on May 6 with a performance inside Vancouver’s Fortune Sound Club. The mini-tour then travels to Calgary for a May 8 gig at Republik followed by Winnipeg’s Union Sound Hall on May 12. It then continues east for a May 16 show inside Toronto’s The Guvernment, and wraps up at the Corona Theatre in Montreal on May 17.

“The whole thing that got me here was controversy,” admits Hopsin. In 2010, the Panorama City, California native’s back was against the wall. He was unhappily signed to Eazy-E’s former label with a debut (Gazing at the Moonlight) failing to meet his artistic and commercial expectations after years of acting on a major network and a feature film. Hardly a “kiddie rapper,” the emcee took to the Internet and released, “Sag My Pants,” an instant rewind. “I lashed out against ruthless records. I knew that would have some shock value. But at the time, I had to do whatever I could do.” Hopsin’s survival mechanisms have guided him through life. as a youth placed in special education classes, Hop overcame the obstacles to become a video editor, music producer in addition to rapper. He is also co-founder of the low profile indie-powerhouse Funk Volume, currently with 600,000 YouTube subscribers and 1.2 million Facebook Likes. This 2012 XXL Freshman is at the top of his class.

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Hopsin returns to Canada for mini-tour May 6 - 17 [News] -

In the three years since Raw, Hopsin has steadily supplied his thousands of album-buying fans with free music, notably his Ill Mind of Hopsin series. the artist is still fearless in maintaining the spirit of lunchroom battles with swizZz years ago; “I don’t care to burn a bridge if I didn’t want to cross it anyway.” In the meantime, he appeared on Tech N9ne’s video single “Am I A Psycho?” as well as a Top 3 album by Insane Clown Posse, The Mighty Death Pop. “The key thing is, I don’t hang around bullshit artists who convince me to make bullshit songs. I just hang in my basement with the same people I’ve always hanged with. I’m the same guy; I haven’t changed.”

With cover stories and a plethora of seven-figure YouTube content, the self-made talent is sticking to his formula on his third LP, Knock Madness. “It’s gonna be hard to top—I’m calling it right now,” he boasts, claiming it’s just “an enhancement” of his work. Moreover, he wants to punctuate his career.

“This will probably be my last album for a long time.” Elaborating, the recluse promises “the biggest tour I’ve ever done, and I’m leavin’ for a while” as devotes his attention to Funk Volume.

While controversy may have made Hopsin a star, skill and courage made him a fan favorite. Whether making art in his basement, crowd-surfing or skiing down under, Hopsin has the attitude and charisma that makes hip-hop unpredictable again.

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  1. Komrade

    Ummm what about the Edmonton show? The Saskatoon show?

    Those cats were the first to bring Hopsin to Canada years ago when all he had was ‘Sag My Pants’ out.

    Be sure to check Brothers Grim live with Hopsin MAY 9 in Edmonton at Union Hall!

  2. @IHeartTART

    HipHopCanada is sponsoring Union Events for these particular shows. But we’ll be at the Edmonton show, actually. So we’ll keep an eye out for you cats. See you thurrr.

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