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Quake Matthews & Sticks – Taylor Swift [Audio]

Quake Matthews & Sticks – Taylor Swift [Audio]

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Mike Boyd’s Number 1’s: Ariana Grande – Problem ft. Mike Boyd [Audio]

Enfield, NS – This just in: Mike Boyd recently launched a new weekly series called Mike Boyd’s Number 1’s. Y’all may know Mike as Classified’s younger rap-cat brother. Mike recently launched his …Note the Sarcasm album via Halflife Records Inc/Universal Canada (Halflife Records is owned by Classified, by the way). Also of supreme importance to know: Classified produced the entire …Note the Sarcasm project. And it was great.

Anyways, let’s get back to this Number 1’s series. Each week, Mike records a verse to a #1 single; regardless of whether he loves it or hates it. These verses lead up to the premiere of Mike’s forthcoming single release, “1 Hit Wonder.” This first installation of the series sees Mike drop a verse over top of Ariana Grande’s “Problem.” Check out Mike’s verse below, and head over to Mixcloud to peep the rest of the series.


Mike Boyd's Number 1's: Ariana Grande - Problem ft. Mike Boyd [Audio] -

As per Mike Boyd’s usual M.O., this verse is all ish and giggles. It dives deep into the wonderland that is not having a crazy “problem” woman around. It all starts with this “It’s not you/ It’s me/ Who are we kidding?/ It’s all you since the moment that I saw you” line. And then Mike makes some offhand remarks about cellulite and saggy ta-tas, and stuff. And then he drops this gem of a line: “Got me singing like Drake now/ Your body’s worn out.” Which is funny. Because he tries to sing it all emotional and heartfelt like Drake. So good. 

Twitter: @MikeBoyd31 | @HalflifeRecords

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