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Classified’s 2013 self-titled album is now certified Platinum in Canada

Classified’s 2013 self-titled album is now certified Platinum in Canada

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Shai Mate album release party at Tavern [Review]

Vancouver, BC – Hip-hop heads of all shapes and sizes gathered together at Tavern this week to witness history as Shai Mate released his latest album Take Control to the public. The bar was jam packed from wall to wall. Even the photographers had photographers – it was that sick. Opening up the night for Shai were local rising stars DKay and Gorgeous Gordie.

Shai Mate album release 2 [Review] -HipHopCanada

As Geordie was finishing his set the anticipation grew even higher. The remaining fans outside in the smoke pit took their last drags before making the pilgrimage to the front of the stage to see Shai Mate. One dude was even quadruple fisting cans of Coors – it was party time. People were stoked. Shai Mate opened his set with the first single off the album, “Break It down”.

The supremely charismatic Shai comes from a generation who studied hip-hop’s Golden Age and it shows. Remember when Rakim said MC means Move the Crowd? Shai’s been doing his homework. His stage presence was magnetic. He took a brief moment before certain songs to break it down to the audience and explain how they should sing along to the chorus. Doing a few practice runs with them a cappella before the beat dropped. This ensured that when the time came they were fully ready and each and every person in the bar could scream the lyrics perfectly.

After the high energy set, Shai Mate walked around the bar with a big box of CD’s handing them out to fans as well as shaking hands and taking pictures. Talk about working overtime. If you haven’t had a chance to peep Take Control yet check it out.

Shai Mate album release [Review] -HipHopCanada

Shai Mate album release [Review] -HipHopCanada

Shai Mate album release [Review] -HipHopCanada

 Written by Max Dishaw for HipHopCanada

Photography by Adrain Williams 


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