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Classified’s 2013 self-titled album is now certified Platinum in Canada

Classified’s 2013 self-titled album is now certified Platinum in Canada

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Chaplin – Love Me More or Hate Me Better [Album]

Montreal, QCLove Me More or Hate Me Better is the fourth studio project and third album from Montreal recording artist Chaplin. Originally released back in April, Love Me More or Hate Me Better features 17 originally produced songs including production by Hbee, The Cratez, 5 Star Beatz, Crispi, Clyde Bessi, 3 Digital and Konebeat Creative, Zoom and Ruffsound. Guest appearances include Jasiri X, Dramatik, SaraSheline, Saya, Maxx Plank, Life and Ro G. Click the jump link below to download or stream the project now.

Chaplin - Love Me More or Hate Me Better [Album] -


About Chaplin

Embracing every aspect of Hip Hop at the age of 11, Marc K. Germain immediately understood who he was and his purpose in life. Breaking the language barrier to become one of Montreal’s most respected artists, Chaplin accomplished more in the last 15 years then an indie artist could imagine. From winning prestigious contest to multiple successful independent releases, from poetry books, to number 1 videos or to be a well known producer and graphic designer he always maintained an untouchable level of artistry.

It is not in every street corner that you will find an artist able to write, compose, do the engineering and take care of every creative aspect behind the production of an album in his level of professionalism. Weather his doing it for him or for others, Chaplin was and is still a strong influence for a whole generation of hip hop disciples in the entire province of Quebec (Canada).

After years mastering sound engineering, he studied graphic,web design and programming. Knowing the effects of colors on people and the science behind publicity or marketing, makes him a more powerful creator. With the digital technology being more accessible, He’s now more Independent there ever. At the age of 33, he’s ultimately ready to embed his name in the history of music. Anybody who met him or saw him performing will attest, he’s electrifying not only on stage but in person. His passion, his charisma, his sensitivity, his knowledge about life or his level of confidence is higher then what we usually expect from a rap artist. Chaplin is a big brother but not only in real life but for his community. Doing anything he can to help the youth accomplish their dreams; he is the good example of perseverance. He worked with the best, he inspires the best and he is the best.

All around the world from Japan, France, Switzerland, Rumania, Haiti, Africa, Brazil, UK, USA or Australia people undeniably adopted him and became fan of his music throught the years.

Chaplin is artist, designer, producer and author, ready for stardom.

Be sure to check out Chaplin’s official website,

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