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Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

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Doom Squad – Prosper Project [Review]

Edmonton, AB – Comin’ straight outta E-Town; Doom Squad celebrates their love for the chronic, their dreams of success, and struggles in the come up in The Prosper Project. With beats produced entirely by Prosper and guest appearances from the likes of Sonik, K-Blitz, and Deffine; these north-side boys created a piece to make you vibe out and burn one.

From the intro to the third track – “Fly for Days”- my first impression of this 16-track project was, “weed album.” Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing (don’t front – we all have ’em). However, rapping about getting high (for an entire album) can be a little…excessive. Strategic or not; Doom Squad makes a smart play by switching up the tone by the fourth track – “Just Be Real” – in which the lyrics reflect more on their passion for their art and making it without selling out:

“It’s such a common occurrence / and ya’ll aint even workin’ / I see you spittin’ but it’s not with a purpose / So what the f*ck you do it for if it’s not you? / This ain’t no hobby I’m doin’ it cause I got to.”

From that point and onwards, The Prosper Project is a blend of content that keeps the listener’s ears open throughout – not to mention – the production is solid. Prosper keeps it 100 with boom bap and 808 beats. What I give props to Doom Squad for is that they have no boundaries when it comes to lyrics. They mix it up with humours wordplay in “Captain Chronic” (spoiler alert: this the first video released from the album). But they also speak on relatable – everyday struggles that we all go through in “So Cold.”

I’ve had the opportunity to see Doom Squad perform live; they take the chemistry they have on stage right to booth. What makes this rap-trio effective is that you can hear that camaraderie and brotherhood when you listen to their songs. They feed off of each other and have a natural ability to play off of each other’s verses. So what are you waiting for? Show Doom Squad some love and download The Prosper Project on iTunes.

Twitter: @kryple | @NINELIVEZ_DOOM

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