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We caught up with DopePiece to talk about his “DIRTYDOPE” single

We caught up with DopePiece to talk about his “DIRTYDOPE” single

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Doom Squad – Outta My Mind [Audio]

Edmonton, AB – At midnight, Doom Squad dropped their latest joint “Outta My Mind”, as an entry for Kato’s No Sucka MCs contest.

The Funk Volume producer has been running the contest for a few weeks now, accepting entries and posting [some of] them on his Facebook page. Doom Squad selected a beat, provided by Kato as part of the contest, and just went in on it (as they always do). While contestants had the option to record a verse or song, Doom Squad committed with clean verses and a hook that spot-on complimented the tone of Kato’s beat. It’s eerie, uncanny, and some-what out of the box for Doom Squad. That’s the point after all, isn’t it?

Doom Squad - Outta My Mind [Audio]-

The last day of No Sucka MCs is August 1 and the final winner will get the opportunity to work on a track with Kato. That being said; you have one week to like, share, repost – whatever you need to do to support Doom Sqaud’s quest to win!

Twitter: @Kryple | @NINELIVEZ_DOOM

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