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Classified’s 2013 self-titled album is now certified Platinum in Canada

Classified’s 2013 self-titled album is now certified Platinum in Canada

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Jae Ari – Talking To Myself [Audio] #SOTD

Toronto, ONOriginally published July 4, 2014 – Toronto native Jae Ari has been hard at work, meticulously releasing record after record to prep for his highly anticipated Leave Even Better LP. “Talking To Myself,” produced by Chicago’s Hank Iving, is HipHopCanada’s Song of the Day.

‘Talking To Myself’ is an upbeat, brooding appropriately thoughtful track that exalts his return to socially geared lyricism mixed with his usual style of cadence.

The song brings a new meaning to “talking out loud.” Check it out below and tune in for more.

Jae Ari - Talking To Myself [Audio] -

About Jae Ari

Born June 2nd 1987 in Toronto, Canada, Jae Ari (pronounced Jae R E) was labeled ‘the miracle child’. He was written off to die in infancy. Growing stronger with time, this child at age 13 showed his miraculous gift of rapping and killing audiences with natural born talent. Being told that his chance of survival was slim motivated him to new heights, now every breath he breathes is appreciated and every thought, translated into a rhyme.

Jae Ari could not be written off any more, with his quiet demeanor, the silent assassin started slaying emcees on the televised Canadian show “Much Music’s RapCity” garnering the rising star a wider audience. This opportunity lead to celebrity co-signs by American director/actor Michael Rapaport, Canadian icon and Legendary MC Michie Mee, and Shady Records DJ Young Mase. They all had one thing in common, they believed in this rising talent and he did not disappoint. Earning his place in RapCity’s hall of fame, has allowed him great success and countless interviews of adoring media. The multi-talented Jae Ari has expanded into a media force. Effectively branding his network has led him to limitless opportunities to which he is immensely grateful.

The much anticipated debut EP “Black Winter”, was independently released February 28th 2011. “We Good”, the hot buzz-single, is a celebration to a coined phrase made popular on “Much Music’s RapCity”. Jae Ari’s cleaver and stylistic lyrics screams, all is well and it’s time to shine! “Music is the sound of raw feelings bleeding with soothing melodies. Being able to capture still moments in a musical snapshot is amazing to me. To express personal feelings of everyday life, rhythms and intonations is crazy. When people reach out and understand where I’m coming from, it’s humbling.”

Although receiving critical praise from both peers and the underground hip hop circuit, the release of his debut EP earlier in 2011, “Black Winter”, was commercially ignored. However, the project was a professional stepping-stone for his undeniable lyrical talent and business acumen. Following the release of his EP, Jae has breathed new life in his career and is currently performing across Canada & the United States. This unrelenting talent learned from a very early age that he will not be written off that easily. Working harder than ever, this Much Music hall of famer is ready to crossover as he was welcomed back to Webster Hall for an encore performance in New York City this past June. His latest single “Something New” featuring Toronto vocalist Kyara tells the story of a fresh start, without actually having to say much. ‘Something New” is the official joint off the forthcoming project “Leave Even Better” coming very soon. Jae Ari has served notice to the world, his time has come, his time is now.

Jae Ari - Talking To Myself [Audio] -

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