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Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

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Mike Boyd – This Aint Funny ft. Classified [Video]

Enfield, NSMike Boyd and Classified (who – for the record – is Mike’s older brother) just teamed up to launch some new visuals for “This Aint Funny” off Mike’s …Note The Sarcasm LP.

This video brings us into the back-country double-life of Mike and Class. They spend the duration of the video lurking the woods as country bumpkins; prying on the innocent and unknowing. So this aint funny. This is serious. There’s a very real moral to this video: Don’t go camping. Because if you do, rappers will terrorize you with rifles and machetes while dropping bars over top of a Classified-produced beat. Check it out after the jump.

Mike Boyd - This Aint Funny ft. Classified [Video] -

So here are some things of supreme importance to watch for in the visuals. First, there’s Mike’s denim overalls and exposed chest hair. Then, there’s Classified’s luscious sultry mane of crazy-man hair (skip to 2:41 to watch him do the ultimate hair flip). And most importantly, Class and Mike are sporting those really gross brown teeth. Gold grills got nothing on those teeth. You feel me?

There’s also a brief choreographed rifle dance that happens at 3:10. And then Mike and Class ride off into the sunset – probably to find more frat boys and girls to terrorize. I repeat: This aint funny, people. This is very, very serious. You know what else is supremely serious? Mike’s …Note The Sarcasm LP. Just kidding. It’s so far from serious. Mike is all shits ‘n giggles. And that is why he makes for such a fun listen. So make sure you cop the project ASAP via iTunes.

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