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Quake Matthews – You Ain’t Me (Prod. Chris Noxx) [Video]

Quake Matthews – You Ain’t Me (Prod. Chris Noxx) [Video]

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Rochester’s Rock Bottom Filxtape finds a new home on HipHopCanada [News]

Toronto, ON – Blocktrade Music is proud to announce, Rochester aka Juice’s Rock Bottom flixtape has found a new home on HipHopCanada. The film features appearances by Canadian legend Maestro Fresh Wes, UFC Pro fighter Sean Pierson, Showdown Joe, Angelica Charrupi and Flow 93.5 FM’s Jeni. It also highlights the musical talent of Kim Davis, Tona, Spek Won, Blache and Cuban; along with the production talent of Rich Kidd, Tone Mason, Twin, Snaz and many others.

Proud to see my dude, Rochester, elevate his game. The Rock Bottom flixtape once again shows he is trying to think outside the box. Innovative!” – Maestro Fresh Wes

Rock Bottom has traveled nationally and has been featured in multiple indie film festivals; Blocktrade has decided to give it a permanent home on the HipHopCanada website. Blocktrade Music teamed up with Eagle Eye Records to create Rochester aka Juice’s flixtape. The name flixtape comes from the merger of short film and mixtape; the ‘tape’ is based on the music from Rochester’s Rock Bottom mixtape. The Rock Bottom flixtape`s clean cut sound was created by the sound engineering talent of Blaow.

Rock Bottom is the story of a determined young MMA fighter who has lost one too many battles. Rockey (Brendo Craig), who has worked hard at his dream, loses his final fight which pushes him to give up. He goes back to a labours job so he can provide for his wife (Candace Leblanc) and daughter (Kira Leblanc). However, he is shortly laid off. Feeling like he has no other options, he catches up with old friends who plan a heist that would fix all of his financial woes. The events which follow make Rockey understand what ‘rock bottom’ really is. The concept is inspired by the movie Rocky, but revamped to suit a younger generation.

Click the jump to watch the flixtape, and to stream or download the soundtrack.

Rochester (aka Juice) - Rock Bottom [Mixtape] -

Watch the Rock Bottom Flixtape

Download the Rock Bottom Soundtrack

For me, music is a healer, a communicator, a way of life. My story and sound continuously evolves, as life changes and experience teaches. I never give up, I can make my toughest critics into life-long supporters, and my toughest moments into chart-topping hits.” – Rochester

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Rochester (aka Juice) - Rock Bottom [Mixtape] -

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  2. Vince

    Canada always finds a way to innovate the industry. Amazing to see this come out of here.

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