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J-Bru – Daily Operation ft. Classified & Choclair [Video]

J-Bru – Daily Operation ft. Classified & Choclair [Video]

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The 5th annual Hip-Hop Karaoke competition launches on Aug. 15 [News]

Toronto, ON – On Aug. 15, the good people over at Toronto’s monthly Hip-Hop Karaoke event dive head-first into the event’s fifth annual competition at Revival Bar (783 College St.).

If you’re not familiar with HHK, heres the Cliff Notes version: It’s serious next-level karaoke. It’s the upgraded version of your favourite dive-bar past time. Except there’s no butchering of Joan Jett. There’s no butchering of “Don’t Stop Believin” by Journey. And there’s definitely no Phil Collins. Hooray! It’s just all straight-up hip-hop goodness. I mean – not really. A lot of people still suck. But the fact that they can only perform hip-hop tracks makes it that much better.

So this year’s HHK competition puts Toronto’s wannabe rap-cats into fierce competition. It all starts next month with a semi-final preliminary round. This event will feature special guest judging from Monolith (Dan-e-o, Korry Deez, Black Cat, Grimace Love, and Lancecape). Word is that they’ll be performing, as well. And the event itself is hosted by Abdominal and More Or Les, with music from DJ Numeric, DJ Dalia, and Ted Dancin’. Click after the jump for more details.

Hip-Hop Karaoke launches its 5th annual competition [News] - HipHopCanada.com

Hip-Hop Karaoke launches its 5th annual competition [News] - HipHopCanada.com

Doors open at 10 p.m. and sign-up will commence immediately. Cover is $10. There are only 20 sign-up spots available (on a first-come, first-served basis) so you’ll want to make sure you show up at some ungodly hour. Heck – maybe you should even camp out outside Revival Bar on the night beforehand. Do it in the name of all things holy and HHK. Your song selection must be on the official HHK song list. And you should probably have a back-up song in mind, too, because sometimes things happen. Also, no duos or posse cuts will be allowed during the competition. Performances must be solo (that being said – you can still perform a posse cut on your own if you want).

Performances will be judged based on crowd reaction and participation, use of stage, performance animation, familiarity with material, and breath control. Bonus points will be awarded for incorporation of creative dance moves. The top 10 performers from the semi-finals will advance to compete at the September edition of HHK. For more information, peep the event’s official Facebook page.

About Monolith

With over 20 years of experience recording, performing and touring, Scarborough’s “Mighty” Monolith (Dan-e-o, Wio-K, Grimace Love, Lancecape, Parker, Rishaard, Nish Raawks, Charisma, Korry Deez, and Black Cat) are one of the most-talented and durable crews in Canadian hip-hop history. Well known for their combination of high-quality lyricism and impeccable beat production, the 10-man crew is widely considered to be the nation’s most elite collective of hip-hop artists.

Twitter: @hhktoronto | @MightyMonolith

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