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Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

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The Red, Gold & Green Machine – Planet Africa [Review]

Vancouver, BC – Dr. Oop with Tonye Aganaba and MC Nucleus are The Red Gold & Green Machine and their debut album and “first collective contribution to life” released under Water The Plants is titled Planet Africa.

To quote KRS-One “rappers spit lines that are mostly illegal, emcee spit lines to uplift they’re people”, this is the main impression you get from Planet Africa. Let’s be clear this is NOT gangster rap. Probably the farthest possible thing from it. It’s main focus is to motivate people to come together and enjoy the music, respect each other and become one. It instantly welcomes the listener to get on the groove train and cruise along to the positive, conscious vibes.

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They effectively blend boom bap, dance, reggae and hip-hop all into one seamless package. Though the beats definitely sound like a trip to the past, this style is nowhere near showing it’s age, so the overall production of the album still feels relevant and enjoyable. Their hooks are catchy and the two man, one woman format  hasn’t been this tight since the days of The Fugees.

“Now who can rock the show for two hours, and only do two songs/ Who can come up in the spot and get drunk and hot, and rock a house part all night long”

It’s easy to visualize the celebration Planet Africa paints with it’s words. The graffiti, b-boys and girls on stage and the block party going full force. Songs like “Live!” and “Bonobo” are especially up-beat and just scream summertime fun. They reference love a put a heavy emphasis on relationships too. There’s just an overall really strong sense of optimism to Planet Africa.

“Align your mind with the rhythm of the Divine, When a groove steady moves your ‘soul’/ Some of them made it out the ghetto, now they’re workin’ for the Devil so not even their shoes got ‘soles'”

Planet Africa is a much needed return to the roots and culture aesthetic and approach to hip-hop, soul music and world music. It’s a strong statement that conscious, art is still being expressed through music and should not be overlooked or slept on; very different from what is popular or trending, it choses to dance to it’s own drum and be fearless in the process. Anyone who has even a glimmer of appreciation and respect for the culture and origins of hip-hop will find something to love about Planet Africa.

Download Planet Africa on iTunes here.

Written by Max Dishaw for HipHopCanada

Twitter: @TonyeAganaba | @RGGMachine | @OopDoc

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