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Quake Matthews & Sticks – Taylor Swift [Audio]

Quake Matthews & Sticks – Taylor Swift [Audio]

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Kalen J Music – The Road ft. Evil Ebenezer, Ursa Maja & Chandre [Audio]

Regina, SK – C.J.E.’s resident drummer, Kalen J Music, just hit us with his new single titled “The Road” (featuring Evil Ebenezer and Ursa Maja on the raps, and vocalist Chandre on the hook). I’m a huge fan of what KJ has been doing, lately; mostly because I find it reminiscent of how Questlove changed the rap game. Questy helped popularize live drumming into the mainstream rap game. He found a niche and filled it. And along the way, he was able to use The Roots as a platform to unite various vocalists and MCs for some of the most hard-hitting collaborations that EVER happened.

KJ is making that happen for the Saskatchewan scene. He brings together vocalists and MCs, and generally just gets people building together. He’s even starting to get the West Coast involved with the addition of Evil on this track. Peep the audio via YouTube after the jump. And head on over to iTunes to purchase a copy of the single.

Kalen J Music - The Road ft. Evil Ebenezer, Ursa Maja & Chandre [Audio] -

This one of those songs that you listen to when your cup of life is empty and you’re questioning your general purpose and direction. Chandre hits us with a solid self-affirming hook: “Keep holding on/ The road is long/ The sky is dark and grey/ Just listen what I’ve got to say.” Then Evil and Ursa trade verses.

Evil starts off with a verse about the importance of hustle (i.e.: staying on the road regardless of what obstacles you encounter). If you want something, you need to work for it. Then Ursa differentiates between the “long road” and the “wrong road.” Obviously, he’s chosen the long road. Because there is no easy button for life. Seriously, though. If you need a boost right now, give this a listen. The track was produced by Jared Robinson, and mix-mastered at Nebulus Entertainment.

Twitter: @KalenJMusic | @IAmUrsaMaja | @EvilEbenezer | @_chandrelerat

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