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2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

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M-Bomb – A Story No One Told [Mixtape]

Waterloo, ONOriginally published August 17, 2014 – Waterloo’s own M-Bomb (who pulls double-duty as a blogger for the fam over at The Come Up Show), just dropped his latest 10-track mixtape on us.

The tape is titled A Story No One Told and it was inspired by Shad’s song of the same name. This perfectly condensed autobiography tape delivers a hard-hitting introspective look at M-Bomb’s life, to-this-day. And to get us in that much deeper, he complemented his craft by working with beats from producers who have inspired him along the way.

For the record: this mixtape is actually more than just a mixtape. It’s a full-blown artistic concept: the project is a multimedia concept release. Each of the 10 songs on the tape has been interpreted into canvas artwork by various visual artists. Which is very next-level. M-Bomb even did a few pieces of art, himself. And the art was auctioned off last night at M-Bomb’s release party, with all proceeds ($500 in total) going towards UNITY Charity.

Look for the audio after the jump.

M-Bomb - A Story No One Told [Mixtape] -

M-Bomb is still developing his flow. But his lyricism is so on-point. He’s a top-notch storyteller with a penchant for picking some of the best beats. Instead of putting out flex or adhering to what he thinks hip-hop should sound like, MB uses his craft to share himself with us.

It all begins with a dreamy little self-produced prologue (“How The Story Begins”) of innocent adolescence. M-Bomb takes us back to when he was 16 years old and “rapping on Dilla beats,” and dreaming of being someone. It lays out all of the young fame-fueled rap-cat ambitions y’all are probably all too familiar with.

After the prologue, we get into the title track, “A Story No One Told” (featuring Cyrus Tha Great’s production from “The Opener” by Skyzoo). We all think that everyone else leads such supremely interesting lives. But all the while, they’re usually thinking the same thing about us.

The track starts off with a trip back to M-Bomb’s days of penning rhymes in his youth. And then he brings the hook: “24/7 / 365 / 20 odd years / Embedded in these lines.” You know what he’s getting at, here? You need to read between the lines, people! The most interesting things you’ll ever find out about people are the things that aren’t blatantly obvious. Bottom line: you are the most interesting person you know and it’s about time you realized it. If you’re having a hard time coming to terms with that, listen to this joint. Yay, pep talk!

The third track – “Boom/ Get Out The Way” – is the only song on the entire tape with a feature on it: and that one feature MC is A-Fos. A-Fos and M-Bomb are good friends. They actually met in London, ON where M-Bomb currently attends school. A-Fos was mixing and recording the tape, so it made sense for him to jump in on a feature. The “Boom” half of the track uses production from Royce da 5’9’s track of the same name, and then we dive into that glorious “Mathematics” beat. And I got giddy. Because that was the song that got me knee-deep into Mos Def – so I feel this 100 per cent. In an alternative universe where I’m a functional rap cat, I’d freestyle over that exact same production.

The most surprising tracks on this tape is “Fall In Love.” Why is it surprising? Because it’s “Bound 2.” I’ve seen a lot of cats try to get in on their own renditions of that video (Hi James Franco and Seth Rogen!), but few rap cats have actually attempted their own verses on it. It’s difficult to match the genius of Kanye West on this joint. So M-Bomb spins the track to tell us about his own love story. He’s not trying to be Yeezus. He’s just being MB.

My favourite track on the project is “Just Because.” I mistakingly emailed M-Bomb a semi-fangirly message of approval for sampling J. Dilla’s flip on Jerry Butler’s “Just Because I Love You.” Ooops. My bad. It’s actually a Nottz beat; not a Dilla beat. But let’s get back to the track at-hand. This is a love song. Not a run-of-the-mill sappy lovey-dovey love song, though. It’s a song about learning to love your number-ones: your family and kinfolk. M-Bomb thanks his mom (aka: his “biggest fan” when he’s up in the cypher). And his dad; for teaching him how to be a man. And his brother; for holding him up. That’s what love is. You feel me?

The “Gone” interlude is a total hidden gem, too. M-Bomb gets the breezy nostalgic feels activated with that Just Blaze beat from Jay Z’s “Dear Summer.” It starts with an audio clip of a voice message from MB’s buddy, reflecting on M-Bomb’s “That’s Life” record from 2010. And then MB is given all high praise for the progress he’s made over the last few years. As the interlude wraps up, MB shares a heartfelt nugget of wisdom he’s learned along the way: It’s moments that we share with our friends that are priceless.

Ten tracks deep and the epilogue brings it full-circle to closure with a more mature reflection back into M-Bomb’s youth. It’s the prologue except it’s all grown-up (and it features that Exile beat from Fashawn’s “Boy Meets World”). MB discloses that he wanted to be cool in high school. He EVEN BOUGHT GRAFFITI SUPPLIES, GUYS! Because doing graffiti makes you cool. I think. But M-Bomb keeps it humble and says he’d laugh at his former self, now. He processes it all and comes to the conclusion that he was just trying to find his place in the world. Then he throws this “Just monkeying around/ Young Rafiki” line in there. He later details his transformation into the “Lion King.” Which is gold.

A Story No One Told: Artwork

1. “How The Story Begins”

Acrylic on canvas, by Vickie Vainionpaa

M-Bomb - A Story No One Told [Mixtape] -

2. “A Story No One Told”

Spray paint on canvas, by Warren Jones

M-Bomb - A Story No One Told [Mixtape] -

3. “Boom/ Get Out The Way”

Spray paint on canvas, by Graham Jones

M-Bomb - A Story No One Told [Mixtape] -

4. “Awaken”

Silk-screen on canvas, by Curtis Grimba

M-Bomb - A Story No One Told [Mixtape] -

5. “Fall In Love”

Conté on canvas, by Palmer Vaughn

M-Bomb - A Story No One Told [Mixtape] -

6. “While You Were Sleeping”

Acrylic on canvas, by Alex Pearce

M-Bomb - A Story No One Told [Mixtape] -

7. “Just Because”

Acrylic and thread on canvas, by Michelle Leggatt

M-Bomb - A Story No One Told [Mixtape] -

8. “Gone”

Permanent marker on canvas, by Martin Bauman

M-Bomb - A Story No One Told [Mixtape] -

9. “A Story No One Told Pt. II”

Acrylic on canvas, by Martin Bauman

M-Bomb - A Story No One Told [Mixtape] -

10. “Boy Meets World Pt. II”

Acrylic and paint marker on canvas, by Martin Bauman

M-Bomb - A Story No One Told [Mixtape] -

Twitter: @martin_bauman | @afosmusic

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