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Quake Matthews drops “Confessions” featuring Neon Dreams; pre-order album now

Quake Matthews drops “Confessions” featuring Neon Dreams; pre-order album now

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Style meets excellence: Spac3man & Savant are one and the same [Article]

Vancouver, BC – Things are happening in the music game between style and sound; a marriage of hip-hop and fashion that has drawn an increased awareness to not only sounding good but looking equally as put together. Young artists like Drake and A$AP Rocky are becoming tastemakers in the world of men’s fashion, pushing exposure to certain brands that were otherwise nameless to most of the rap world, thus adding a new element to the overall package. How often can you say you’ve seen an artist who has a decent sound but their presence and style were utterly unspectacular? It seems it has become just as important to look that part as it is to sound the part in this ever-growing, competitive hustle.

When we first laid eyes on American emcee Spac3man, his style and presence left a lasting impression. The over 6′ Seattle resident jumped on-stage during an opening set for Future’s Honest Tour in Vancouver and ever since he’s been hard to forget. There’s something intruiging about a man who can put together a fresh outfit and then turn up so hard onstage that he sweats right though it. From a distance, it appears Spac3man has what it takes to make up that whole package.

Style meets excellence: Spac3man & Savant are one in the same [Article]  -

He began rhyming at a young age while attending Jefferson High School in Oregan and soon after he cut his teeth in Portland’s battle rap scene, leading him to become one of the city’s undefeated emcees in the street battle circut. Taking a disqualification at an organized battle years later lead Spac3 to quit while he was ahead and begin focusing on recording and his live show performances.

“It made more sense to focus on my son and my writing and start to dispel the battle emcee to recording artist stigma” he says.

Since then Spac3man has dropped numerous videos and singles, including his 2011 Jake One produced track “Ls Up” along with his more current releases like “Hella”, “WMWM?”, “Let It Out” and collab between Vancity artist HeatWave and Seattle’s iLL Chris titled “Trillion”.

Spac3man’s fashion sense is unique; a combination of edgy, yet classic. Sharp and fresh without being overly flashy. He rocks Jordan’s and he rocks a grill but he also manages to keep an air of uniqueness about him. When we caught up with Spac3 at the newly opened Savant store in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside we realized that the retail store, run by Ritchie Savant and his team, has the same sharp, fresh, innovative feel that we’ve seen embodied by this young rapper.

“I kept the shop design pretty minimal…all white everything, simple roller racks, lockers for storage & some eye-catching artwork from Raif Adelberg & Ari Marcopolous.” says Savant.

Naturally we had to ask about the connection between the two and how they came together.

“I came to Canada for my first time with iLL Chris and he showed me to a few boutiques that he had relationships with – including Savant – and Ritchie and I clicked. We both are one in the same. Two entities with an incredible amount of potential that just need the exposure. Coming from known cities but not big cities” says Spac3.

Savant credits Spac3man as the future of rap: “His energy onstage is unmatched and actually quite interesting to witness first hand or even share the stage with at times. The crowd really gets into whatever he says and does”.

Spac3 describes his personal style as edgy and experimental, trying new styles and fusing it with signature matching pieces while also dressing for his height and lean frame. “Kayne with a ‘hood twist” he says dressed in Savant’s Home Jersey and bucket hat. “I rock with Rich Kids at Urbanity. Artsy jewelry from Alive & Well. Throwbacks Northwest has good items. The Cool in Southcenter Westfield Mall. 35th North/Official Vintage got stuff. Casual clothing, Go Hard Superstar, Best Clothing, Emnace, K.N.O.E., Cake Face, Swagger & Young, Life Of Villains and Grind & Hustle! I’m secretly in love with Zara Man though.”

When in Vancity he fucks with Savant hard and takes their movement across the border to Seattle, and in turn, they help take his eclectic style a step further. We asked Spac3man to put together a few outfits from Savant – which include brands like Supreme, Carhartt and their own personal Savant line – to give us a further look through his eye for fashion. Out of three outfits he chose, it was hard for us to pick our favorite. Not only is every article in Savant’s showroom easy to work with and pair but Spac3 just makes them look so damn good. Check out a few photos we captured at the Savant headquarters and be sure to visit them at 360 Carroll Street, Vancouver or

Check out more music from Spac3man on SoundCloud here

Written by KassKills for HipHopCanada 

Photography by KassKills for HipHopCanada 

Style meets excellence: Spac3man & Savant are one in the same [Article]  -


Hat: Savant – Bucket

Top: Savant – Home Jersey

Pants: Savant x Russell Athletics – Savant sweats

Shoes: Jordan 3s

Style meets excellence: Spac3man & Savant are one in the same [Article]  -

Hat & Jacket – Supreme x Brooks Brothers – Seersucker Suit

Pants: Carhartt – Wip

Style meets excellence: Spac3man & Savant are one in the same [Article]  -

Hat: Supreme bucket

Jacket & Overalls: Supreme x Levi’s

Style meets excellence: Spac3man & Savant are one in the same [Article]  -

Style meets excellence: Spac3man & Savant are one in the same [Article]  -

Style meets excellence: Spac3man & Savant are one in the same [Article]  -

Style meets excellence: Spac3man & Savant are one in the same [Article]  -

Twitter: @Spac3man

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