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Music, sobriety, family & the various other Layers of rhyme-slayer Royce da 5’9

Music, sobriety, family & the various other Layers of rhyme-slayer Royce da 5’9

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T.Y. – Never Wanna Work Again [Audio]

Hamilton, ON – Hamilton-based MC T.Y. returns this week with the second installation of #TYTuesday. And we’re debuting his new joint for you here on HipHopCanada.

T.Y. is getting ready for the release of his forthcoming project release. And he’s campaigning by hitting us with a weekly remix of a classic hip-hop joint. It goes down every single Tuesday. Last week T.Y. got into his Souls of Mischief groove with the release of “91 to Infinity” (a remix of SOM’s classic “93 til Infinity”). This week T.Y. got in on one of my favourite joints from one of my favourite crews: “You Got Me” by The Roots (featuring Eve and Erykah Badu).

“Never Wanna Work Again” is HipHopCanada’s Song of the Day.

T.Y. - Never Wanna Work Again [Audio] -

T.Y. spins this track in a completely different direction from the original. Instead of versing about the great woman that stands behind every hustling MC (as was seen on the original track in the back-and-fourth between Eve and Black Thought), T.Y. uses this remix to talk about the struggles of the nine-to-five and making ends meet. Dude definitely does not want to work again. Hence the title: “Never Wanna Work Again.” Go figure. T.Y. brings a very talented female songstress in on the hook – who I’m told shall remained unnamed because of reasons.

Money is a necessary evil. I mean, it’d be great if we could all just do what we love without having to worry about finances. That’s the dream. I find that rap cats tend to struggle with this a lot. The craft requires a lot of money and time in the beginning. Studio sessions. Unpaid opening slots. Paying for production or features. Paying for mastering and mixing. Paying for promotion. Etc, etc, etc. Ish gets expensive.

A lot of MCs have to lead a double-life with some sort of day job. And then the day job takes up time that could be better spent working on music. But it’s that necessary evil. It really lays heavy on some MCs, though. So some cats choose to avoid the day job at all costs. They live with their folks, they eat an inordinate amount of ramen noodles, and they stay as thrifty as they can. But that’s tough, too. If you don’t have enough money to make a living, you end up skimping on parts of your rap career that really do require a bit more of a financial investment. So it’s a double-edged sword; either way you look at it. The struggle is very real. But T.Y. summarizes it perfectly: “I don’t mind the grind/ As long as what I’m grinding for is worth it.”

About: Yours Truly, T.Y.

After a brief hiatus following “Brooklyn Way” and “Let Me Ask You” earlier this year in March premiered on The Come Up Show. Fans have been patiently awaiting the move and the anticipation couldn’t be any higher. Humble as ever, T.Y. has been gearing up to take things to new heights with his new project – which remains untitled at the moment. It’s one that will touch people emotionally, he is a man of the people, and the people stand in his corner willing to go to extreme lengths to support him in any plight he chooses to embark on.



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