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Quake Matthews & Sticks – Taylor Swift [Audio]

Quake Matthews & Sticks – Taylor Swift [Audio]

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Treetop – On My Nuts [Video]

London, ON – The Treetop crew recently debuted new visuals for the track “On My Nuts” off of Kehmak’s forthcoming debut Revenge of The Nerds. I’m guessing the premise behind this video was pretty simple. I’m thinking the Treetop dudes got together and were all like, “Yo. You know what would make for the best video ever? Exploring the importance of identity by dressing up as TMNT and doing cool ish.”

The Culture production on the track is really campy. It sounds like a sing-along song. And the hook “They’re all on my nuts” will get obnoxiously stuck in your head. The video was shot and directed by Tim Freelink, and written by Casper and Kehmak. Check it after the jump.

Treetop - On My Nuts [Video] -

The song itself hits pretty close to the title of Kehmak’s upcoming release: Revenge of The Nerds. The bottom line is real. Being weird used to be very uncool. Now being uncool is cool. So consequently, all of the previously “cool” kids are trying to get back to cool-status. So they’re on Kehmak’s (and Casper’s, and TT Lo’s, and Culture The Beatsmith’s) nuts. Hence the title, “On My Nuts.” And apparently each Treetop dude dressed up as the turtle he felt best embodied himself. Deep.

With back-to-school season in-tow, this joint serves as a reminder for kids to be themselves. Getting on other people’s nuts in an attempt to be someone you’re not is bad news bears. You need to be you. Because that’s who you are. Yay, pep talk! My favourite line on the track comes in on the final verse: “I was an outcast/ Listening to OutKast.” This was my youth. I relate 100 per cent.

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